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Buy mailboxes

Mailboxes can be purchased online or at the nearest post office.

Have you moved and need a new mailbox? Or do you just want to upgrade a little? At Posten you can buy large mailboxes that fits your needs.

They are delivered in good quality and Norwegian design, with plenty of space for larger parcels.

The mailboxes are delivered in robust metal, in the colours silver gray, green and white. They can also be locked with their own lock.

You can purchase mailboxes online or at your nearest post office. The mailboxes are not sold at Post in Stores.

Measurement of the mailboxes:

Exterior size: 40 x 27,5 x 16,5 cm
Inner size: 37 x 27 x 16 cm


Steel – green, white and silver grey: 499.– per item.
When ordering 25 mailboxes: 399.– per item.
When ordering 40 mailboxes: 369.– per item.

Additional when ordering in our online store:
Delivery at your door:                       100.–
Delivered at nearest Post in Shop: 80.–