10 June 2013 - The Crown Prince Couple's 40th Birthdays

“Mette-Marit, I love you”, said Crown Prince Haakon. That was on Saturday, 25 August 2001, at their wedding banquet in the Palace.

Kronprins Haakon
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Kronprinsesse Mette-Marit
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Kong Harald og dagens arverekke
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Crown Prince Haakon had entered into matrimony with Mette-Marit Tjessem Høiby. He first met her in 1999, at the Quart Festival in Kristiansand, and their friendship soon blossomed into love. It was not very long before rumours began to spread and the affair reached the ears of the press. In December, Fædrelandsvennen printed the news that the Crown Prince had a girlfriend and that she was a single mother. Within a few days the story exploded on to the front pages of most Norwegian papers. In an exclusive television interview on NRK in December, the Crown Prince confirmed: “Yes, I have a girlfriend and yes, her name is Mette-Marit”. In December 2000 the Palace announced the engagement of Crown Prince Haakon to Miss Tjessem Høiby and the date of the wedding was set. It was to be a day of national celebration. In 2004 the couple moved to the Skaugum estate. With the birth of Princess Ingrid Alexandra the same year family happiness was firmly established, and further augmented when Prince Sverre Magnus was born the following year.

The Crown Prince and the Crown Princess have both become involved in social and humanitarian work. In 2003 the Crown Prince was appointed Goodwill Ambassador for UNDP which works, among other things, to reduce global poverty and in 2006 the Crown Princess was appointed Special Representative for UNAIDS. Before they married in 2001 they asked for wedding gifts in the form of money to start a new humanitarian fund.

Contributions totalled around six million kroner. Each year, on the couple’s wedding anniversary, money from the fund is allocated to Norwegian projects supporting children and young people at risk and promoting social inclusion and to health and education projects outside Norway. Every autumn the Crown Prince and Princess pay a visit to a Norwegian county. These trips have brought them into close contact with the people of Norway.

NK 1852-1855
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