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Delivery in the mailbox

Receive packages directly in the mailbox.

All letters and small packages can be delivered directly to the mailbox. The larger the mailbox you have, the larger packages will fit. If a package is too big, you will receive a notification that the package can be picked up at your delivery point.

Prices and delivery time

All letters and small parcels are delivered within two business days. Find prices here.

Reservation against unaddressed advertising

Initially, you will receive both addressed and unaddressed shipments in the mailbox. If you are not interested in unaddressed advertising, mark the mailbox with a "No thanks" tag. Think twice before doing this, as you will miss out on many offers.

We are not the only ones who delivers to the mailbox, so we cannot guarantee that other distributors respect your reservation.

Read more about reservation against unaddressed advertising.

Locking and safety

It is often possible to lock the mailbox in order to secure the mail. However, if the mailbox is locked, we will only be able to deliver thin letters. All of the small packages must then be picked up at the post office. Thus, the advantages and disadvantages of locking the mailbox must be weighed against each other.