Fixed delivery point at home

If the shipment does not fit in the mailbox, where do you want it?

Now you can have shipments that are too large for the mailbox delivered to a fixed location at home.

To make your everyday life easier, we can deliver all the items that are too large for your mailbox, right outside where you live.

You can have your shipments delivered to your pillowcase, garage, stairs, storage room or other safe place. The only criterion is that the postman has access to the place and that the place is at ground level.

This is how it works:

  • Register now and choose your permanent location.
  • All shipments that should have been delivered to your mailbox, but are too large, will be delivered to the fixed location.
  • When the shipment is delivered, we charge the card you have provided with 15 kroner.
  • Once we have delivered the shipment at a fixed location, you who have entered into the agreement will be responsible for the shipment.

You can register everyone in the household together, and your card will be charged at all deliveries.

Before registering, we must know for sure that it is you. Therefore, you must create a user with us and log in with BankID as the first step in the registration.

Question & answers

  • You decide! Examples of places are behind the house, in the greenhouse, in the pillow case or in the garage.

    It is important that the postman has access to the place and that the place is at ground level.

  • Yes you can! Log in to My Page and select a new location. It may take up to two days for the change to be registered. Before the change is registered, you will be able to receive mailings at the old site.

  • Yes you can. You can do it right now!

  • Shipments that usually go to the mailbox, but which are too large.

  • The place must be at ground level so that the postman has access.

  • It may be that we did not find your permanent place or that it was not available

    The shipment must then be picked up in the usual way at your pickup location.

  • If you wish to cancel the agreement, log in to My Page.

    You are welcome to create a new appointment whenever you wish.

  • Then the mail must be picked up at your pick-up point. Mail shipments that are on the way will arrive at your permanent location.