Pick up yourself

You will be notified in the Posten app or by SMS

When you shop online, you make the choice where you want your packages sent. It may be to your mailbox, pick it up at Posten or have it delivered to your home.

Pick up at Posten

Get notification and pick up codes in the Posten app. The app gives you an overview of your shipments and makes it easy to track packages sent by Posten and Bring. You can also turn on alerts that notify you when you are near a retrievable package.

We really appreciate you getting the packages as soon as you can. More about pickup deadlines.

Parcel pickup automat

Choose a parcel automat as pickup location the next time you order from an online store. Enter the retrieval code on the screen of the automat and a hatch with your package will open.

We have 30 automats located around Norway, including Oslo, Trondheim, Stavanger and Tromsø. They follow the opening hours of the place of location.

Receive shipments in the mailbox

Everything from letters and small packages can be delivered directly to your mailbox. The larger the mailbox you have, the more space you have. If the consignment is too large, it must be picked up at Posten. If you have registered your mobile number, you will receive an SMS. If not, it will take up to three days for you to receive a pickup note in your mailbox.

Delivery for all mail franked with stamps is two business days.

If you want more space for packages, you can buy a large mailbox. See our selection of mailboxes.

Locking and security

On many mailboxes it is possible to put on a lock to secure the mailbox. The postman can then only deliver narrow and thin letters, and all parcels must be picked up at Posten. The advantages and disadvantages of locking the mailbox must therefore be weighed against each other.

Reservation against unaddressed advertising

If you wish to reserve yourself against unaddressed advertising, you must mark the mailbox with "no thanks". It is not only Posten that delivers in the mailbox, so we cannot guarantee that other distributors respect the reservation. Read more about reservation against unaddressed advertising.