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Stamp programme 2017

We offer a diverse stamp programme in 2017 – we celebrate castles, biking, boats and birds among anniversaries.

Follow the links to get more details about each issue:

2 January 2017

Theme: Birds
Artist/designer: Viggo Ree/Enzo Finger

6 February 2017

Theme: Tråante 2017
Artist/designer: Astrid Båhl

21 February 2017

Theme: Royal Couple 80 years
Artist/designer: Gina Rose

21 April 2017

Theme: The Tune Ship
Artist/designer: Kristin Granli

21 April 2017

Theme: Bicentenary of National Archives of Norway
Artist/designer: Jørn O. Jøntvedt

21 April 2017

Theme: Castles (Europe stamps)
Artist/designer: Madeleine M. Karlstrøm

16 June 2017

Theme: Fredrikstad 450 years
Artist/designer: Magnus Rakeng

16 June 2017

Theme: UCI Road World Champ. Bergen 2017
Artist/designer: Ragnar Aalbu

16 June 2017

Theme Person anniversaries
Artist/designer: Sverre Morken

7 October 2017:

Theme: Norwegian cars
Artist/designer: Enzo Finger

10 November 2017

Theme: 100 Years Serving Deaf/Hard of Hearing
Norwegian Association for the Deaf 100 Years
Artist/designer: Trond Nordahl

10 November 2017

Theme: Christmas stamps
Artist/designer: Ragnar Aalbu