8 November 2019 - Christmas Stamps

Norwegian Broadcaster NRK first began to air Advent calendar series in 1979 as a pre-Christmas program for children.

Thirty-nine years have passed since Jul i Skomakergata (Christmas on Cobbler’s Street) was aired on NRK for the first time, but it continues to be one of NRK’s most popular Advent calendar programs of all time. It is a story about the cobbler Jens Petrus, who is busy before Christmas but always takes the time to talk to everyone who enters his shop. All 24 episodes feature puppet animation with Jon Blund and “right of the day” from the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. 

NK 2018

In 1999 another popular Advent calendar series was aired on NRK. Jul i Blåfjell (Christmas on Blue Mountain) was produced by the children’s division at NRK. The series revolves around the blue-elves who have a lot to do before Christmas Eve. They must create The Blue Hour every day and make sure that the mountain is clean and orderly. But something is not quite right. Someone is dumping trash on the mountain, and the key to the Knothole is missing!

NK 2019

The series was named best TV drama at the Gullruten awards in 2000, and an album featuring music from the series won the Spellemann award in 1999 for best children’s album.