Terms and conditions for Norgespakke™


In case of damage or loss, Posten will replace the value of the package up to NOK. 10,000. Posten is not responsible for consequential damages.

Weight and dimensions

  • Max weight: 35 kg per shipment
  • Maximum dimensions: up to 240 cm long, and length + circumference up to 360 cm
  • Minimum dimensions: 23 x 13 x 1 cm

Pickup deadline

The pickup deadline is 3 weeks after the shipment has arrived at Posten. Extended pickup deadlines during Christmas and the summer holidays:

  • Christmas: shipments with pickup deadlines between 23 December and 31 December will be returned on 4 January in the New Year
  • Summer holidays: shipments with pickup deadlines between 15 July and 31 July will be returned on 1 August

Claims for compensation

Claims must be submitted without unnecessary delay. See Posten Norge’s general terms of delivery.


July 2019