Security and privacy when changing address


Change of address online requires a secure login/authentication using the BankID, MinID or Buypass Smartcards. Address change by a form requires submission at a post office where credentials are conducted.

Secure identification

Birth number (11 digits), last name, first name and possibly middle name must be entered. This is checked against the National Population Register and ensures the unique identification of the individuals who change address.


Once the Post has registered the change of address, a confirmation email or mail will be sent to your present address, so that you will be able to check the information before re-mailing.

Use of personal information

Posten handles personal information in line with the Personal Data Act. The address details you provide us will be used to update private and public records. This applies only to registries where you are already listed and assuming that the business concerned has entered into an agreement with Posten Norge AS for address update.

Extended security

In addition to the common security measures, people who are at risk of identity theft can establish security barriers. This means that modification of this information is only possible by personal attendance at a post office and using valid identification (possibly also authorization). Change per internet is blocked. Security barrier form can be found by contacting Customer Service on 22 03 00 00.