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My address

Check what is registered about you in the Posten address register.

Check out your address information

Are you unsure whether we have you registered with the correct address and whether all family members are listed in the household?

By logging in to "My address  (Min adresse)" you can check and change the information to ensure that we deliver the mail to you and your family, at the right place.

In order for you and your family to get the mail correct, there are two things you can check:

  • Are you registered at the correct address and are everyone in the family registered?
  • Are there registered people at your address that should not be there?

You can also change already ordered services.

If you use two addresses, you can add an address or delete an old address that is not in use. The arrangement with two addresses is most relevant for weekly commuters, students and mailbox customers who receive mail at both locations. If you get mail in several places, you will also receive advertising there (if you have not reserved yourself).

Receive SMS notification for big letters

Register your contact information if you want to receive an SMS and/or e-mail instead of a retrieval message on paper. Remember to tick off to receive such messages. Applies to mailings that do not fit in the mailbox.