Customs or not?

Receiving a shipment from abroad

  • Customs and tax free: Shipments with a value below NOK 350 (including shipping and insurance) and private gifts up to NOK 1,000. Except for foodstuff, alcohol and tobacco.
  • Customs and tax: Shipments with value from NOK 350 (including shipping and insurance).

Duty-free does not mean free of value-added tax

Many goods are duty-free but this does not mean that value-added tax does not have to be paid. If the duty-free limit is exceeded, which is a total value of NOK 350 including shipping and insurance, value-added tax will also be calculated in addition to any possible customs clearance fee.

New customs rules effective from January 1st 2020

New customs rules effective from January 1st 2020 will affect import of foodstuff from abroad. Read more.

The expiry date of the NOK 350 limit for duty-free imports on other goods, is set to April 1st 2020 by the Government.

Import calculator with prices from 1.1.2020

Enter product, currency and freight to figure out the customs.

Cost of customs clearance from 1.1.2020 

What is priced Pris
Simplified customs declaration per consignment applies for parcels with a content subject to duty 149.–
Customs declaration per consignment when Posten carries this out on your behalf (goods parcel - import/export) 299.–
Administrative charge when carrying out customs declaration yourself and storage prior to customs clearance 149.–
Reimbursement of duty paid 599.–
Obtaining import documentation 149.–


Parcels with a value of under NOK 350

Please note that parcels containing both duty-free and taxable goods must be specified on an invoice from the sender. This allows the correct customs declaration to be made.

1. A parcel to a private recipient contains a book worth NOK 500 and a t-shirt worth NOK 200, where shipping and insurance amount to NOK 125. In this case, the entire parcel is duty-free because only the t-shirt is subject to duty and thus the value of the goods and the postage is less than NOK 350.

2. A parcel contains a book worth NOK 500 and two t-shirts worth NOK 200 each, where the postage is at the same NOK 125 level. The value will exceed NOK 350 and you will have to pay value-added tax on the value of the t-shirts plus postage and insurance.

Parcels containing goods with a value of more than NOK 350 – simplified customs declaration

Parcels containing goods with a value of more than NOK 350, including postage costs and insurance, must be declared to customs on import. Value-added tax must always be paid while duty is payable on certain product groups.

We carry out simplified customs clearance for most shipments with a value of between NOK 350 and NOK 3,000 for private individuals. The exceptions are certain types of goods and calculations where ordinary customs clearance is required. Examples of this are art, antiques and often restricted goods such as alcohol, tobacco products, medicines, supplements and all food and beverages for human consumption, and animals/fish.

This means that:

  1. Posten will calculate the duty and charges payable on the goods (in accordance to the Norwegian customs legislation) and forwards the parcel to your parcel collection point.
  2. Posten sends you a notification for you to collect the parcel with details of the sum owing, which you pay when you collect the parcel.
  3. When you pay the duty and charges owing and the fee for simplified customs declaration on collection, all duties are now paid and the goods are cleared for customs.
  4. Posten then pays the duties and charges to the authorities.

Parcels containing goods with a value of more than NOK 3,000  – standard customs declaration

Parcels to private individuals with a value in excess of NOK 3,000, or if the goods are restricted (tobacco, alcohol, medicines and supplements) must be declared with the standard procedure.

Posten will declare your parcel for customs immediately when it is received if a customs declaration is fixed on the outside of the parcel.

The parcel will be forwarded as soon as possible to your parcel collection point. Furthermore, by paying the collection fee for the parcel and acknowledging receipt of the parcel, you authorise Posten to carry out the customs declaration on your behalf.

If you notified Posten that you wish to make the customs declaration yourself, we will contact you when the parcel has arrived at our warehouse.

No customs clearance papers

Parcels may arrive from abroad without the necessary documentation for customs clearance. In order to have your parcel cleared with customs, the necessary information about the content and value of the parcel must be available. If this documentation is missing, your parcel will be stored temporarily by Posten. We will send you an SMS or a notification of the arrival of the parcel.

The notification you receive provides information about why the parcel has been stopped and what you need to do for the parcel to be processed by us. Here you can submit the information that is missing.

Please note that the parcel is with Posten and not the Norwegian Customs Service. The deadline for storing the parcel prior to customs declaration is 14 days from the date arrival of the parcel was registered.

Age check

When tobacco and alcoholic drinks are imported,  the age of persons collecting such goods must be checked.

The recipient must pay the cost of this check, which is NOK 49 + value-added tax.

Question & answers

  • From 1 January 2020, supplements and foods are restricted from the first krone. This means that Posten now must declare and claim up fees for this type of goods. Read more about restricted goods.

  • The calculation data is worked out from customs clearance documentation from the sender and is stated on the invoice which we send you. This invoice is included with the parcel.

  • With all customs clearances, the Norwegian Customs Service uses its own specific rate (exchange rate) calculated on the basis of Norges Bank's exchange rate.

    The exchange rate is valid for one week at a time and is usually published on Thursday of the previous week. The reason for this is so that importers can predict what the fees will be when they pay duty and fees. In order to check what the customs basis for your shipment will be, you must thus use the applicable exchange rates of the Norwegian Customs Service, which can be found at

  • Posten has sent you an SMS or notification of arrival to tell you that a parcel has arrived for you from abroad that lacks or has incomplete customs documentation/information. The parcel is being stored by Posten pending customs clearance.

    It is important that you obtain the information/documentation that we have requested in the notification. When we receive the requested information/documentation from you, we will carry out a customs declaration for the parcel and send it on to you as soon as possible.

    You can submit on this page the information/documentation that is missing.

  • Posten has to cover the costs it has in connection with processing all parcels, including parcels to customers who wish to carry out customs clearance of their parcels themselves.

    The price we charge is the basic price required to cover our costs for carrying out statutory tasks such as: processing parcel arrivals, registration of parcels and mandatory customs warehousing accounting to the Norwegian Customs Service. These statutory tasks do not disappear if customers clear their parcels for customs themselves. Posten carries out a “simplified customs declaration” automatically, but in regard to standard customs declaration (value of goods over NOK 3,000), as a customer, you can carry out customs clearance yourself.

  • Always check the pickup notification before you collect your parcel!

    Always check the notification of collection before you collect your parcel!

    If you believe that the calculation of import charges is incorrect, it is very important that you contact customer service before collecting your parcel. Product and value information on/enclosed with the parcel forms the basis for calculation of the duty and charges.

    If you can document that the value is incorrect and hence demand a new calculation, please contact us immediately after receiving your notification of collection or no later than two days before the collection deadline. You can contact Customer Service International on 22 03 00 00 on Monday-Friday between 08:00 and 18:00. Contact us by chat

    If the calculation of duty and charges in incorrect, but Posten cannot be held responsible for this, you have the following possibilities:

    * Send an application to your local customs office and request a recalculation of duty/charges. You must send the customs documents that you have received from Posten. In addition, you must explain what you think is the correct tax calculation and attach documentation of this.

    * You can ask Posten to apply on your behalf for recalculation of the charges.

  • The fee covers the costs associated with statutory tasks that Posten is obligated to carry out: processing parcel arrivals, registration of parcels and mandatory customs warehousing accounting to the Norwegian Customs Service.

  • You have to pay value-added tax on goods you import in the same was as you have to pay this on goods you purchase in Norway. This also applies to gifts you are sent with a value exceeding NOK 1,000.

    Today, most product groups are duty-free. Some products, such as clothes and bed linen produced outside the EU, remain subject to duty. A customs duty of 8 percent fixed by the Norwegian Customs Service is used for “simplified customs declarations”.

  • The Norwegian Customs Service has granted Posten authorisation for simplified customs declaration of parcels to private individuals with a value between NOK 350 (including transport and insurance) and NOK 3,000 (excluding transport and insurance). The scheme does not include restricted goods such as food, alcohol and tobacco products.

    Simplified customs declaration means that:

    • you collect the parcel at your parcel collection point
    • you pay the duty and charges and simplified customs declaration fee on collection
    • you do not have to give out your personal registration number
    • you avoid extra work that is both expensive and time-consuming
  • No, the charge for carrying out the customs clearance yourself and the charge for simplified customs declaration is the same.

    It is only at a value of NOK 3,000 and above that you pay about half price by carrying out the customs clearance yourself.

    Posten has to cover the costs it has in connection with processing all parcels, including parcels to customers who wish to clear their parcels for customs themselves. The charge you pay covers the costs the Post has for carrying out statutory tasks such as:

    • Processing of parcel arrivals
    • Registration of parcels
    • Mandatory customs warehousing accounting to the Norwegian Customs Service

    These statutory tasks do not disappear if your clear the parcel for customs yourself.

    You can find information about private import at

  • Books are normally duty-free. If your parcel contains other items that are not specified in the customs documentation, it is correct that you will have to pay value-added tax for the parcel.

    If the customs documentation states each item individually, only other goods will be charged. Then the books will not be subject to value-added tax.

  • No, you do not have to pay any duty and charges.

    The parcel will be returned if you do not collect it within 3 weeks.

    If you wish the parcel to be returned before the end of this 3 weeks period, you must write “Return to sender - delivery refused” on the notification to collect and had this in to Posten. The sender will be charged for the return postage for the parcel.

  • From January 1, 2019, customs conditions for international postal agreements were changed. The changes mean that the recipient of the postal item will be responsible for paying a customs clearance price for either a simplified customs clearance or an ordinary customs clearance, in addition to import taxes such as VAT, any customs duties and special taxes. If the package comes under the duty-free limit, the recipient is not charged with a customs fee.