VAT and import duties
Customs clearance of shipments from abroad

  • You have to pay VAT and sometimes import duties when you shop from abroad
  • If duties are not paid directly in the online store when ordering, Posten will clear your shipments through customs
  • Gifts can have a value up to 1000 kroner before they must be cleared through customs with import duties
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When do I have to pay import duties

From January 1, 2024, the authorities will abolish the 350-kroner limit. This means that you have to pay import duties from the first krone on most of what you buy from abroad.

Online stores registered in VOEC (see more about what it is further down) will collect the value-added tax (VAT) immediately when you shop and pay for the goods. You don’t have to worry about import customs clearance, and the online store pays the fees directly to the the Norwegian Tax Administration.

Posten has developed new, digital customs clearance services that are adapted to online shopping and the purchase of low-value goods from abroad. Prices for customs clearance to private customers are thus much lower than before.

Are you going to buy something from abroad and wondering how much you have to pay? Use the Norwegian Customs' import calculator and read more about online shopping.

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What is VOEC?

The main rule is that foreign online stores should be registered in VOEC (VAT on E-commerce) and collect VAT directly when you shop and pay for the goods. The online store pays import duties to the Norwegian Tax Administration and you avoid import customs clearance and duty payment when the goods arrive in Norway.

VOEC is a VAT register administered by the Norwegian Tax Administration, and international online stores are obliged to register in. By being VOEC-registered, the online store is authorized by Norwegian authorities to collect VAT, and pay this directly to the Norwegian Tax Administration.

For you as a customer, this means that the online store should collect VAT on the goods to Norway already when you order, so that you pay directly to the online store. The scheme applies to goods with a value under 3000 kroner per item.

This means that you can shop as many items as you wish and have them sent in the same shipment, as long as each item has a value under 3000 kroner and is for private use.

Shipments from VOEC-authorized online stores do not undergo any customs clearance process where new import duties are incurred, as long as the online store has pre-notified the goods electronically with correct VOEC identification.

Posten does not calculate any price for customs clearance upon arrival handling of such shipments.

Read more about: VOEC at the Norwegian Customs

Customs Services and Prices

Goods with a value up to 3000 kroner where VAT is paid in a foreign online store (VOEC scheme): No customs clearance

In cases where duties are not paid through the online store in advance and when purchasing restricted goods, certain textiles and foodstuffs, Posten offers the following customs services and prices:

What the price applies toPrice
Customs clearance per shipment, goods value from 0–500 kroner45.–
Customs clearance per shipment, goods value from 500–3000 kroner75.–
Customs clearance per shipment, goods value over 3000 kroner and for shipments with restrictions of any value270.–
Expedition self-customs clearance and customs storage cost150.–
Customs per shipment to Svalbard from 01.12.2023270,–
Age control; control fee for the purchase of alcohol and tobacco products49.–

Receive the shipment right in your mailbox

Posten has digitized and streamlined the customs payment solution for certain shipments. This means that you can receive most customs-cleared shipments with a value under 500 kroner right in your mailbox. If you have the Posten app, you will receive a notification and have the opportunity to pay in the app. If you do not have the Posten app, you will receive a payment notice via Digipost or a letter and you can pay at

NB! You will never receive an SMS or email from Posten with a message to pay to receive shipments. We only use our own safe channels (Posten app, Digipost, and letter).

Pick up at the Post Office

Some shipments must be picked up at Posten because they are too large for the mailbox, have a value over 3000 kroner, or contain restricted goods.

You pick up the shipment at Posten's delivery point. Then you pay any import duties and Posten’s customs clearance price.

Missing Information for Customs Clearance

Customs clearance requires accurate information about the item and the recipient. Sometimes the information that comes with the shipment is not detailed enough. In that case, Posten will contact you. In the message you receive, we inform you what we are missing, and what you need to do for Posten to be able to clear the shipment for you. You can submit what is missing here.

While waiting for a response from you, the shipment is on the Posten’s customs warehouse. The deadline for a response is 14 days, before Posten returns the shipment.

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