Download the Posten app

Follow your shipments with our app. With the app you can see when and where the parcels can be picked up, open the hatch in a Pakkeboks (parcel locker) and have the opportunity to order home delivery if you wish.

Posten-appen på mobil foran en Pakkeboks
See how to use the app to open the hatch in a Pakkeboks (parcel locker)

You can use the Posten app for this

  • Track all shipments sent by Posten and Bring
  • Get notification of parcel on the way to you and from you
  • Easy access to the pickup code
  • Open the hatch in a Pakkeboks (parcel locker)
  • Order home delivery
  • Send Norgespakke™
  • Check when there are few people at your pick-up point
  • Find opening hours for the pick-up point

Choose which notifications you want in the app:

  • Parcel updates
  • Reminder to pick up parcels
  • Notice when you are near a parcel that can be picked up

We develop and update the app continuously so that the app works best for you. Feedback from you who use the app makes us even better. Download the latest version to get the very latest updates.