Useful tools for you

Shortcuts to tools you can use from a PC at home or in the Posten app. Everything you need to keep track of your address and parcels. Buy shipping online for both letters and parcels within Norway or abroad. And with the Posten app, you get access to a number of services. Can't figure it out? See if our chatbot can help you!

Use our digital tools for an easier day

Keep track of who gets mail in your mailbox. Take a trip and we will take care of your mail. Choose whether parcels for the mailbox are to be placed elsewhere when there is no more space in the mailbox. You can also buy shipping for both letters and parcels online.

Track your parcel

Find us on the map

Find our pick-up points, drop-off points and see what opening hours and submission deadlines they have. You can also find out where mailboxes and Pakkeboks (parcel lockers) are located.

Find us

Find addresses

Search by address, zip code or use the person search to find the correct address.

Find the correct address

Posten app on phone

Posten app

Do you have our app on your phone?

Keep track of your shipments with our app. You can also see when and where the parcels can be picked up, open a hatch in the Pakkeboks (parcel locker), send parcels and also order home delivery if you wish.