Import duties on shipments from abroad

Sometimes the import duties are not paid with the item and this must be charged by us.

This is what you do:

Shipments from abroad with unpaid import VAT and any customs duties will be cleared through Posten when they arrive in Norway.

You must pay the import duties before using the item. You can pay with Vipps or by card.

Payment of import duties

Enter the package number and you will come to a page with more information about the shipment and what is customs cleared.

Do you have any questions about shipments from abroad?

When you shop from foreign online stores/e-commerce sites, you are required to pay the import VAT before you use the item. If Norwegian taxes are not paid together with the goods in the online store, Posten will clear your goods when they arrive in Norway.

Questions and answers about import customs clearance

  • Many providers use a third party when sending, so it may be this provider is listed as the sender in the system and not the original one from which you expect to be the sender.

    We recommend that you wait to pay until you receive the shipment in your mailbox or at your pick-up point. Then you can verify if this is your shipment.

  • We clear after an electronic message from the sender that contains the value and type of item. An automatic message is sent to you via the Posten app, Digipost or by letter. Digital alerts are sent the same day and your shipment can still be en route to your mailbox or pickup location.

  • There can be several reasons for this, but most often this is because the shipment is too large for your mailbox or because the value indicates that it must be delivered from one of our pick-up points.

  • If you have paid, but not received a receipt, we recommend that you check the spam folder to see if it may have ended up there.

    In some cases, customers have been harmed by entering the wrong email address so that the mailing fails.

    You can search for your shipment again in the service above. Here you will find a button marked "Print". You can also choose to download the receipt in PDF on the print page.

  • If you are not waiting for any shipment from abroad, please contact our customer service.

    If you are waiting for a shipment from abroad, this may be the case. We recommend that you wait for payment until you have received the shipment in your mailbox or to your pick-up point. Many providers use a third party and it may be the one listed as the sender in the system and not the original provider.