How to complain or make claims

Questions & answers

  • You can make your complaint both verbally and in writing.
    You can contact Customer service on telephone 22 03 00 00 or by chat. We can guide you with the layout of your complaint, provide information and if possible give you a decision on your complaint the same day.

    You can also submit a written complaint to the post office, Post in Store or the country mailman

    If you want to send us a complaint by mail the mailing address is: 
    Posten and Bring customer service
    Kjøita 19
    4630 Kristiansand

    Upon request of missing mail or damage to letters, parcels or goods, it is usually the sender who should submit the complaint.

  • By oral inquiry, we may provide you with a response and resolve your complaint the same day.

    Written complaints will generally be settled within 14 business days and no later than 30 days.

    Under certain circumstances, if we need more time, we will inform you through a preliminary response.

  • In the justification you receive, the rules and guidelines that are based on the assessments we have made in your complaint should be stated. If you do not agree, you may request a new consideration of your complaint.

  • Force majeure are unforeseen events that can not be deferred. These are for example: fire, outbreak of war, natural disasters, strikes, landslides and weather hampering the fulfilment of a contractual obligation. For example, letters, parcels and goods that will be delayed due to races, storms or closed roads may come under force majeure.

  • Here you will find Posten's general delivery terms for postal services. In addition, some services may have special terms.