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Need help with tracking?

Here you will find questions and answers, as well as contact information for customer service.

Questions & answers

  • 1. How do I track correctly?

    You must have a shipment or parcel number to track a shipment. You will get it from the supplier / sender. This is received on a text or e-mail from Posten - or it appears as a barcode on the message you received in the mailbox.

    A shipment or package number may consist of 13 characters, consisting of 4 characters, 9 figures, 17 or 18 numbers. The entire combination must be entered, for example: CS111111111NO, 370733344455566677.

  • 2. Which consignments can I track?

    Packages can be traced in Norway and most countries in Europe.

    Registered letters: Only available from submission to departure Norway. The shipment is still transported and will be shipped to the address it is intended for.

    CarryOn Cash: Packages can be tracked in Norway and most countries in Europe.

    Carry on business: Tracking information in Norway and to most countries participating in the service.

  • 3. Delivery/picking up packages from abroad and customs clearance.

    If the status shows that the shipment is for import assessment, the shipment will be considered for customs clearance. If necessary papers are available, the shipment will be sent to you when it is finished.

    If your package or letter does not have adequate customs paperwork, lack of information on the content and amount or Customs requires customs authority - you will be contacted by SMS or letter about what is missing.

    You are requested to provide this and send it to us. Please upload missing documentation and submit via our online solution. Or send e-mail or letter to Customer Service. Contact information is always provided at the bottom of the letter.

    All postal clearance takes place at Posten Godssenter Oslo. Read more about customs clearance.

    You can retrieve shipments from abroad at Post Office or Post in Shop.

    If you wish to declare shipments yourself, you can do this at the Customs Office in Tollbugata 1 A or at Gardermoen Customs Office in Edvard Grieg Road. You can still declare individual shipments yourself at

  • 4. Where can I pick up my package?

    Packages are available at your local pick-up office, which is either a post office or Post in Store. The tracking will usually show which pick up place the package is on.
    If you get a retrieval without a specified pick up place, you can find this by using your address under the Posten address search..

    Our mail terminals sorts and reload the packages and are not pick-up point for packages. Packages in category 3 are sorted all day and run collectively to the pick-up offices the next day no matter what time the package is sorted at the terminal.

  • 5. Can others fetch my package?

    Others may collect packages for you if the sender has not requested legitimized delivery.

    Shipments that must be collected by you personally will appear on the retrieval notification. In addition, some consignments as registered letters may be obtained with mandates and original credentials for both the recipient and the person who retrieves.

    Post offices may refuse other than recipients to collect packages if they are in doubt if you are the right person or have the right to retrieve the package on behalf of the addressee.

  • 6.Can I get extended pick up deadline?

    The deadline for picking up packages and other shipments at post offices is 14 days. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate requests for extended deadline.

    Sender owns the consignment until it is delivered and is entitled to return it if it is not retrieved within 14 days. Post offices also need space for other packages and letters that are constantly arriving.

  • 7. When can I expect to get my package?

    There is a different delivery times on our shipments.

    If delays occur on certain stretches, this will be added to operating messages..

    Norgespakken and Servicepakken usually uses 2–5 business days depending on the distance.
    Business Package, On the Door uses 1–4 business days depending on the distance.
    Express Overnight. Shipping time for most places is 1 day. These packages are sent by air over longer distances.

  • 8. Why do I not get e-notification on all packages?

    If your business supplier has been given your mobile number and/or e-mail address, you can be notified by SMS or e-mail on some package products that the package has arrived at the pick-up office.

    You will then not get any message in the mailbox. It will normally be sent a notice on day 1, day 3 and day 11 if the package has not been retrieved.

    Packages that are sent to you by other than business suppliers, will not be given e-mail notice. Retrieving message will then appear in the mailbox.

  • 9. Why is my tracking not updated?

    No tracking information is given when packages are transported between our terminals. It may take 1–4 business days depending on the route and mode of transport.

  • 10. Explanation of status and deviations.

    Last status is the last registration we have on the shipment. This is immediately updated by a new registration.




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