Posten delivers every day

Posten has very flexible delivery options. We deliver in parcel lockers, letterboxes, shops, or right to the door. This makes it easy to get parcels when it suits you best.

Deliveries in Pakkeboks (parcel locker)

In our parcel lockers you can pick up your parcels 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Posten's parcel lockers are located close to where you live or travel, and you choose the Parcel locker that suits you best.

To open the hatch in the parcel locker, use the Posten app.

Download the Posten app here

Delivery of parcels to Post in Shop

When you shop in an online store and choose delivery to Post in Shop or parcel delivery locations, we deliver parcels there every weekday. In some areas, we also deliver parcels on Saturdays.

Home delivery of parcels

When you shop in an online store and choose delivery to Post in Shop or parcel delivery, we deliver parcels there every weekday. In some areas, we also deliver parcels on Saturdays.

Delivery in the mailbox

Around 65 per cent of the country's households will receive "Pakke i postkassen" (Parcel in mailbox) delivered to their mailbox every weekday.

Check whether your area has packages delivered to the mailbox every weekday.

  • You choose delivery to the mailbox in the online store, and you will receive an SMS when it has been delivered.
  • If the parcel is too large for the mailbox, you collect it as usual at your pickup point.
  • You can also register a fixed delivery point at your home where the postman can leave the parcel.


  • Letters as addressed mail are delivered Monday, Wednesday, Friday one week, and Tuesday, Thursday the other week. This also applies to those who have land post couriers.
  • If you have a P.O.Box, we deliver on all working days; Monday–Friday.

News papers

Newspapers distributed by Posten are delivered every other day. If you have a P.O.Box, the newspaper is delivered every weekday.


In parts of the country, Posten distributes advertising on Sundays.

Some question & answers

  • Yes, if we have any mail that is for you. If mail is addressed to you, the mail will be delivered every other day. If the postman did not visit your mailbox today, the postman will be at your mailbox tomorrow/next business day. Use the service further up on the page to check when the mailman delivers to your mailbox.

  • Yes. The mail distributes mail to your address every other business day. If it is a holiday, you will receive mail the following business day instead.

  • Some recipients may find that they receive the mail later. The mailman will continue to deliver mail in the period from 08.00 to 17.00. The time may vary slightly from day to day, but we arrive before 17.00.

  • Some do. At some places we will distribute unaddressed advertising on Sundays, but the addressed mail arrives on weekdays.

  • You will receive addressed mailings 3 times one week and 2 times the second week. In some areas we will hand out newspapers every day.

  • No. By electronic notification you will be notified as soon as it is ready for pick up. Letter notification can take a day longer than before.

  • No. Parcels arrive at your post office as quickly as before. If the sender has not provided your telephone number, we must physically send you a parcel notification – this message may take a day longer than before.

  • No. The shipment arrives at the post office as soon as before and if the sender has entered your telephone number, we will send you a message as quickly as before. But physically retrieve messages may take up to one day more than previously. The different senders have selected different solutions. For mail with any bank or credit card, you must do a sign off at reception.

  • In some cases. Passports are often delivered directly to the mailbox, and addressed shipments can in some cases take a day longer than before, depending on whether you receive mail one or the other day.

  • Customer service will keep track of the days of distribution in your area and will be able to notify you of the first possible day you can have your stored mail home at checkout.
    If you need to have the stored mail delivered on a day when there is no distribution to your private address, you can request that it be retrieved at Posten.

  • Newspapers are delivered every other day.

    In areas where there are no separate newspaper routes, Posten has entered into agreements to distribute the newspapers. This means that Posten will distribute newspapers Monday–Friday to all subscribers in areas defined by the Ministry of Transport and Communications. In the rest of the country, Posten delivers newspapers every other day.

    This means that some subscribers can receive two newspaper editions on the same day. If it is from a newspaper that is published in the immediate area, it will some days be fresh – if the publication is for example on a Tuesday and the postman visits your box on that Tuesday. The following week you will receive the Tuesday edition on Wednesday.

    Please contact the newspaper publisher in case of delays.