Stamps collecting

The Stamp Service is Posten's special department for the production, marketing and sale of Norwegian stamps and associated collectible products. In addition, we sell foreign stamps, older Norwegian stamps, albums and collectors' equipment.

Stamp issues

Upcoming releases 2022:

  • 17 June: Posthorn,  Artist/Designer: Enzo Finger / Sverre Morken.
  • 17 June: Love Is Love,  Artist/Designer: Camilla Kvien Jensen.
  • 1 October: Arctic University Museum of Norway 150th Anniversary, Artist/Designer: Martin Mörck.
  • 1 October: Research, Innovation,Technology, Artist/Designer: Enzo Finger. 
  • 1 October: Posthorn Stamps 150th anniversary,  Artist/Designer: Enzo Finger.
  • 11 November: Not decided, Artist/Designer: Camilla Kvien Jensen.
  • 11 November: Christmas Stamps, Artist/Designer: Camilla Kvien Jensen.


Receive information about new stamps, stamp launches, events and new design date stamps by email. We keep you updated on what is happening so you do not miss the goodies.

Contact us

Tel: 23 14 78 70 (Mon–Fri 8–16)
Visiting address:
Persveien 34-36, Oslo (Mon–Fri 9–15)
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