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Norwegian stamps and associated products.

Year sets

The easiest way to collect stamps! A whole year of Norwegian stamps.
Issued in November each year. Choose between year sets of stamps, FDCs and stamp booklets.

Year set of stamps

A year of stamps inserted in clear mounts in an attractive folder. Information in Norwegian, English and German. Available mint and cancelled.


Year set of stamp booklets

A year of stamp booklets mounted in an attractive folder. Information in Norwegian, English and German.


Year set of FDCs

A beautiful folder containing the year’s First Day Covers. Information in Norwegian, English and German. Available by subscription only.


Year book

Posten Norge's most prestigious product. An exclusive book filled with information and colourful illustrations. All stamps (in mint condition) issued during the year are mounted on the pages where they are described. Information in Norwegian, with summaries in English and German.

Yearbook 2019



High-quality issues and approximately 25 new stamps every year. You can get stamps in mint conditions, cancelled, in collectors sheet and presentation folders. You can even buy older stamps and a selection of foreign stamps.

New stamps

You can get single stamps, stamps in 4 block or whole sheets of them. We issue Europa stamps, miniature sheets and stamps from rolls and booklets as well.


Cancelled stamps

The stamps can be purchased either in mint condition or cancelled.

Stamp booklet

You can purchase the booklets of stamps when issued. Each booklet normally contains 10 self adhesive stamps.

Prestige booklet

Some stamp issues have their very exclusive prestige booklet. Please find details about the available booklets in our webshop.



Collector's sheet

An attractive and simple presentation of new stamps. Every time we issue a new stamp or set of stamps, we also issue a collector’s sheet. Illustrations and text in Norwegian. A set of mint stamps is inserted in mounts on the sheet, which is protected by a clear plastic cover that can be used in a Vario stock book. (Subscription only)

Presentation folder

The stamp – and its story. Read the story behind the stamp issue. Ideal for a small gift. The stamps are inserted in clear mounts in an elegant folder, which also contains information in Norwegian. Presentation folders are issued for each new stamp issue, i.e. between 12 and 15 each year. They come with single stamps or with blocks of 4 stamps (subscription only).


Foreign stamps

Widen your horizon - increase your enjoyment! You can collect stamps from eleven other countries through us: Denmark, Sweden, Aland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Switzerland, Iceland, Faroe Islands and Greenland. As a subscriber, you will receive stamps from these countries as a year set in March.  Invoices in NOK. You can also purchase year sets from these countries and selected popular items from all over the world in our webshop.

Older stamps

Complete your collection of Norwegian stamps. Stamps and year products at catalogue prices. Wide selection of stamps from 1855 and onwards. We also have older stamp booklets, year sets, yearbooks, year sets of first day covers and machine stamps. (not subscription)

First Day Covers (FDC)

Norway Post’s most popular collector’s item. Covers with stamps that are postmarked on the first day of issue. You can even get Golden FDC or Collector's Sets. Norway Post issues 12-15 first day FDCs every year. 


FDC with single stamps or 4 block of stamps

Envelopes with stamps and Posten Norge’s official first day cancellation.
The First Day Cover is our most popular collector’s item. The illustration and postmark on the cover are related to the stamps.

Golden FDC

Golden version of the First Day Cover. Golden FDCs have been called the Rolls Royce of first day covers. A golden FDC is numbered and is printed in a limited number.

Golden FDC

They are fully illustrated in four colours, while the first day cancellation is printed in gold foil. Information about the stamp issue is given on the back of the cover.

Collector's set

Set of stamps and a first day cover. Read the story behind the stamp issue. Collector’s sets are produced for each new stamp issue. A collector’s set is a beautiful folder containing a FDC and a set of stamps inserted in clear mounts. Information about the issue in question in Norwegian and English.




Beautiful postcards, maximum cards and cards from stamp exhibitions.



Great postcards with imprinted stamps. Ready for use – postage included in the price. Featuring Norwegian nature and culture issued for special events or anniversaries. 2–3 issues per year.

Maximum cards

Exciting thematic cards with stamps! Maximum cards are issued on special occasions. The picture on the card, the stamp and the postmark share a common theme. Maximum cards are issued for each new stamp issue, i.e. between 12 and 15 each year.


Exhibition cards

Souvenirs from stamp exhibitions all over the world. Postcards with stamps and special postmarks on the picture side. Issued when Posten Norge participates in exhibitions in other countries. 5-8 cards are issued each year.



Terms and Conditions for purchasing stamps for collection and collecting equipment