About the chatbot

A chatbot is simply explained a computer program designed to interact with people using language, writing or speech.

You can get answers to your questions about sending packages and letters, tracking packages, relocation, or digital mail, to name a few.

Look for the chat symbol in the lower right corner of the screen.

In order to get better, we take spot checks on what customers are asking for and improve the robot's response based on this.

The chat can not be linked to you as a customer, but we hold the talks in one month for use in statistics and evaluation of customer service.

We recommend our customers never to enter sensitive personal information. We will only request the shipment number to respond to shipment tracking. We ask for your name and email address if you would like to speak to a customer service representative. This information will only be used in connection with the specific case and to give you faster and better response to the inquiry.

You can download and/or delete the call at any time. Click the question mark in the top edge:


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