Return your parcel where it suits you

  • Send from your own mailbox
  • Send from a parcel locker
  • Drop it off at Posten
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When you are returning a package to the online store, it is important that you follow the online store's return procedures. You can find these on the online store's page, or in an e-mail they have sent you. Contact the online store if you are unsure.

How to return a parcel

Fasten the label to the parcel and return it from your preferred location.


  • Leave it in your mailbox
  • Fits your mailbox
  • No extra charges

Schedule a pickup

More about return from mailbox


Parcel locker (Pakkeboks)

  • Up to 50 x 44 x 59 cm
  • Reserve a hatch using the Posten app
  • Accessible 24/7

Download the Posten app

More about return from parcel locker

Drop off at Posten

Parcels with a return label can be brought to a Posten branch.

Find your nearest delivery point

Are you missing a return label?

You will receive a return address label from the online store, either in the package you have received or by e-mail. Some online stores give you a return code or QR code that you can use to order your return and print an address label.

Order an address label with the return code from the online store

Have you received a return code?

Some online retailers give you a code to generate a QR return code. Bring the QR code and your parcel to one of our branches, and we will label the parcel for you!

Generate the QR code

Return your parcel before picking it up

You can return the parcel before you collect it by using the Posten app.

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