Special cancellations of stamps

Order motif cancellation well in advance of the event. See also where we have date stamps. Stay up to date with our newsletter on new motif cancellations.

How to order special cancellation

  1. Envelopes that are to be cancelled with a motif cancellation should be sent in a separate, franked envelope that has been marked with the name of the cancellation to:
    Posten Norge AS
    PO Box 250
    0510 OSLO
  2. Shipments must be franked at current postage rates. Unaddressed items are sent back in the outer cover. Remember to enter the return address.
  3. In order to be stamped, the consignments must be received no later than the last day the relevant motif stamp is in use.

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Sonderstempel bestellen

Sendungen, die mit Sonderstempeln versehen werden sollen, schicken Sie in einem frankierten Umschlag unter Angabe der Bezeichnung des Stempels an:

Posten Norge AS
P.O.Box 250
NO-0510 OSLO

Die Sendungen müssen nach den geltenden Portosätzen frankiert sein. Nicht adressierte Sendungen werden im äußeren Umschlag zurückgeschickt. Denken Sie daran, eine Rückanschrift anzugeben.

Damit sie mit dem Sonderstempel versehen werden können, müssen die Sendungen spätestens am letzten Verwendungstag des betreffenden Sonderstempels vorliegen.

Um immer über die neuesten Sonderstempel informiert zu sein, empfehlen wir Ihnen, unseren Newsletter zu abonnieren.

Digital cancellation and stamp archive

Digital cancellation and stamp archive contains all Norwegian stamps and motif stamps/cancellations from 2018.

To access the archive, you must first log in or register. You can search for stamps in the archive by typing in the search field. All words in titles and information are searchable. To narrow your search, we recommend that you use the "kun hele ord" (only whole word) button when searching. You can also apply by clicking on "tags" under all stamps. Examples of such "tags" are denomination, year of publication, stamp artist, theme, motif and place.

The stamps in the digital stamp archive have good enough quality (300 dpi) for reproduction in 100% size.
If you need higher resolution images, contact frimerketjenesten@posten.no.

All images of stamps can be freely downloaded and reproduced as long as Posten Norge AS is credited. Please note that cropping or manipulating images is not permitted in any way. For motif cancellations issued before 2018, please contact customer service.

Special cancellations with adjustable dates

Litra overview – date stamps in production 

New special cancellations

Special cancellation Information and ordering


Frimerkets dag 

Date: 02.10.2021

See overview of cancellations



New cancellations Hurtigruten

Date: Rolling stamp

Theme: Crossed The Arctic Circle, Honningsvåg Nordkapp,
In the Geirangerfjord, In the Trollfjord

The following ships will get new cancellations in September/October:

MS Kong Harald
MS Nordkapp
MS Nordlys
MS Nordnorge
MS Polarlys
MS Richard With
MS Vesterålen

NB: These cancellations must be ordered here: 

Att: Carl Eriksen
Hurtigrutelageret i Trondheim
Pir 1, nr. 7, Port 14



Filos 2021 Jernbanens dag

Date: 01.10.2021



Filos 2021

Date: 30.09.-02.10.2021

Read more here (in Norwegian)



Larvik 350 Anniversary

Date: 29.09.2021

Read more information (in Norwegian)



Festo Postmuseum

Date: 25.09.2021
(Rolling stamp)

This cancellation must be ordered here:

Lindås Sogelag
Kvernhushaugane 2 




Dovre Railway Line Centenary

Date: 17.-18.09.2021
Place: Anniversary tour
Motif: Steam locomotive



Dovre Railway Line Centenary

Date: 17.09.2021
Place: Dombås
Motif: Electric locomotive type 14 in front of Dombås railway station



Dovre Railway Line Centenary

Date: 17.09.2021
Place: Hjerkinn
Motif: Steam locomotive in front of the mountain Snøhetta



Dovre Railway Line Centenary

Date: 17.09.2021
Place: Oppdal
Motif: The Dovre Express and a musk ox



Dovre Railway Line Centenary

Date: 18.09.2021
Place: Berkåk
Motif: Construction workers in front of diesel locomotive type Di3



Dovre Railway Line Centenary

Date: 18.09.2021
Place: Støren
Motif: Train type 86 an Støren church



Dovre Railway Line Centenary

Date: 18.09.2021
Place: Trondheim
Motif: Steam locomotive in front of Nidarosdomen cathedral



Norsk Filatelistforbund 90 år

Place: Trondheim
Date: 03.-05.09.21



Trondheim 2021 / Nordenfjeldske Filatelistforening 100 år

Place: Trondheim
Date:    03.09.21



St. Georgsgildenes Landsgildeting

Place: Karmøy
Date: 18.-19.09.21




Date: Stamp in use from approx 15.05.2021
(rolling stamp)
Place: Pyramiden, Svalbard
Motif: Whale

NB: This cancellation must be ordered here:

Arctic Travel Company Grumant
State Trust Arcticugol

Please mark your sending «Motivstempel Pyramiden»