Help with shipping in Norway

From July 7, 2020, we switched to delivery of mail every other day. See more about what the changes entail for you.

Questions & answers

  • A regular letter has no tracking points. If the letter has not arrived within the expected time, there may be several reasons:

    • The address may be incorrect or incomplete
    • There may have been delays in transportation or distribution
    • The letter may be misdirected or returned
    • Another distributor may be used

    We therefore recommend that you give the letter a little extra time and possibly contact the sender to investigate which distributor they have used.

  • You can look up names and addresses in our address search. You will find most mail recipients by searching by name. Data Factory Consumer Base contains most mail recipients in the country with some exceptions, as search based on age and reservations.

  • Bring your receipt and we will print it out for you at Posten locations.

  • If you have purchased an address card for the Norgespakke™ online, it will be stored for 3 months in our system. Address cards purchased online are valid within this time.

  • Unpacked bicycles have their own price, see price list.
    The maximum size of unpackaged bicycle is up to two wheels with a maximum length of 240 cm and weighing 35 kg.
    Tandem bikes can be shipped under the same conditions as unpackaged bikes if the size is within the maximum dimensions and number of wheels (two).
    Bicycles beyond this, eg tricycles or larger tandem bicycles must be sent as goods.

    Bicycles have the same conditions as Norgespakke™, but cannot be sent in demand.

    It can only be covered for frame, steer, pedals as protection.
    If the bike is fully packaged, ie is packed in a box or otherwise packaged, conditions (dimensions, weight, price, etc.) apply as for packages or goods.

    Electrical bicycle
    Where the battery is mounted in a bicycle and is approved.
    Nevertheless, there may be restrictions on dangerous goods (battery). For example, lithium batteries.

  • If you are going to send weapons domestically, the weapon must be secured in such a way that it cannot be used, cf. regulations of firearms and ammunition.
    This means that a vital part must be removed from the weapon and sent separately.
    As a transmitter of weapons you should know about the Weapons Act and how a weapon should be secured during transport.

  • Blind lettering (Braille) can be sent as a letter or package.
    Blind letter transmissions should always be labelled with a separate blind letter label.
    The mailing should be open so that it is possible to verify that the content complies with the sending requirements for the blind:

    • text written in Braille
    • audio recordings, audio books and audio newspapers (for the blind)
    • special blind writing paper when sent to / from the public approved institute for the blind / visually impaired

    Shipments up to 2 kg can be sent by letter domestically.
    Shipments over 2 kg domestically can be sent as a Norgespakke™, but without the requirement for an address label.

  • SMS and email are often used in scams and have links that you should avoid opening. In addition, they often have a requirement for payment of small amounts.
    If you do not expect a package, there is reason to be suspicious.

    If you are unsure, please contact customer service.
    Here you can ask our Chatboten about SPAM. Then you will get more information about various forms of current spam and our recommendations.