Send letters and small parcels in Norway

Common letters can be many things:

  • A nice postcard
  • A loving greeting or an invitation
  • A T-shirt

The shipping price is determined by weight and size, and is the same regardless of where in Norway it is to be sent. Shipping time is two to three days, and it depends on where you ship from and to.

Female writing cards and male looking at a phone


See how to easily buy digital stamps:

Kvinne med lyst hår står ute med en mobil

Q & A about stamps and shipping

    • You can exchange stamps in full sheets, rolls and stamp booklets at a post office or at the Frimerketjenesten. Single stamps cannot be exchanged. Price for exchange is NOK 33 per commenced 100 stamps started.
    • Stamps can only be changed in other stamps, not in cash.
    • The stamps must be exchanged within 12 months of the time of purchase and you must show a receipt.
  • Stamps without inflicted value are always valid for letters up to 20, 50 or 100 grams within Norway, up to 20 grams to Europe or to the rest of the world.

    The stamps are also valid in combination with other stamps to cover higher prices domestically or abroad.

  • The delivery times for letters and small parcels are 2–3 business days within Norway. To Europe the delivery time is 3–7 business days, and to the rest of the world 5–9 business days.

    From July 7, 2020, we switch to delivery and collection of mail in the mailbox every other day. See more about what the changes entail for you.

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