Send letters and small packages in Norway

Common letters can be many things:

  • A nice postcard
  • A loving greeting or an invitation
  • A T-shirt

The shipping price is determined by weight and size, and is the same regardless of where in Norway it is to be sent. Shipping time is two to three days, and it depends on where you ship from and to.

Shipping of letters is paid for with stamps, and they can be purchased here or at Posten

  • Stamps are the most affordable shipping option for shipments under 350 g, and the easiest way is to buy digital stamps here. Then you get a code that you write on the shipment, and you can choose whether you want to send from your own mailbox or deliver yourself at Posten.
  • You can order stamps on rolls or from sheets here or buy them at Posten. You can also make a personal stamp from a photo you have taken yourself.
  • Alternatively, you can choose Norgespakke™ if you need tracking or compensation for loss or damage. 

See how to easily buy digital stamps

5 tips when sending something

  1. Write the address clearly and correctly: Addresses are written in slightly different ways, depending on the type of home and location. Read more about correct addressing.
  2. Choose the right packaging for your content; envelope, gray paper or a box. Feel free to reuse something you have, but do not use larger packaging than you need, as you will save both money and the environment. Read more about packaging and our boxes.
  3. Find a measuring tape and a baking scale; size and weight determine the price.
    Our maximum size for letters: Length + width + thickness: 90 cm, maximum length: 60 cm, weight: 2 kg (if the shipment is larger or heavier than this, you can send it as a Norgespakke™)
  4. NB: Look in the column for more than 7 cm thick in the price list for letters that are more than 35.3 cm long or more than 25 cm wide.
  5. We also have a minimum size for letters: 9 x 14 cm.
  6. For roll, there are separate dimensions:

  • Diameter up to 7 cm and length up to 35.3 cm; use price table for 2–7 cm.

  • Diameter more than 7 cm or length over 35.3 cm; use price table for more than 7 cm thick.

  • Maximum dimensions:
  • Length: 90 cm
  • Length + double diameter: 104 cm
  • Minimum size for a roll:
  • Length: 10 cm
  • Length + double diameter: 17 cm

Not everything can be sent by Posten and it is your responsibility that the contents of the letter or package are legal. Read more about what is dangerous or forbidden to send.

Complete price list

More about letters: