Registered letter

Proof of submission and safe delivery

You will receive a receipt for submitting the letter to Posten and the person you send to must show proof of identity when it is collected. The letter can be traced throughout Norway.

Prices from January 1st 2021

The price for the letter depends on the size of it. 

  • SMALL: Thickness up to 2 cm - envelope measurement up to B5 (17.6 x 25 cm)
  • BIG: Thickness up to 2 cm - envelope measurement up to B4 (25 x 35.3 cm)
  • MAXI: More than 2 cm thick or envelope measurement larger than B4 (25 x 35.3 cm)
Sendt where Small Big Maxi
Norway 205 250 345
Abroad* 230 295 500

*Customs information must be registered digitally. Use our self-service solution on For shipments you do not register digitally, you pay NOK 38 for us to do the registration for you. If digital registration is missing for delivery in a red mailbox or other self-service point, the sender is invoiced NOK 38 + handling cost of NOK 61 + NOK 11 per letter afterwards. 

Minimum and maximum dimensions

The minimum size is 9 x 14 cm.

The maximum dimension is 60 cm in length. Length + width + thickness cannot exceed 90 cm.


When you send a registered letter, the delivery time in Norway is usually 3 working days. If the recipient's mobile number or email address is registered upon submission, we can notify electronically. In the case of electronic notification, the recipient will receive a collection notification the same day the letter is ready for collection. Physical pickup notification can take up to 2 extra days before it reaches the recipient.

In Europe, there are 3-5 working days to the country's border, while to the rest of the world there are up to 11 working days to the country's border. Delivery time within each country is in addition. And if the shipment has to be customs cleared, extra time will accrue.

What can be sent?

You are not allowed to ship money or marketable securities. Sending overseas you are not allowed to ship money, gold, silver, silver, platinum, precious stones or other valuables. Beyond that, each country might have their own restriction. Find out what you can ship to each country.

Can I have someone else retrieve a registered letter?

Yes, use one of the following ways:
1. You sign the message slip form and let the person who will retrieve the shipment bring your credentials to prove that it is your signature. Also, the person who retrieves the consignment will write on the message slip and legitimize himself.

2. If someone regularly retrieves registered letters for you, you should issue a permanent or time-limited authorization card. Here you can read more about valid credentials and mandates.