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Identification and mandates

Posten is concerned that the postal items are delivered to the correct recipient. Therefore, you must identify yourself before you get given a registered mail or value consignment. You may also have to show identification when picking up a package.
Posten also require proof of identity in order to ensure that the money will be paid to the proper recipient.

As a result of the Money Laundering Act, Posten is also obliged to follow up with credentials both when opening a bank account and by some others
bank transactions carried out at Posten.
We do note that in some transactions the Posten representative is required by law to copy the identity document.

Documents approved as identification:

  • Posten's ID card (Not manufactured after 1.4.2010)
  • Norwegian bank card with identification part (image with more)
  • Norwegian driver license issued as of 1.1.1998
  • Norwegian passport
  • Norwegian immigration passport and travel document
  • Foreign passport
  • European identity card (Identity Card)*

* These are national ID cards that some European countries have. They are valid ID in the EU and Schengen countries (including Norway).

Download information about identification and mandates.