Field mail – military post

Field mail is the same as military post, and is used when military units are in the field. A field mail office is established, and mail to military crews is sent to a field post address that is the same no matter where the department is located.

  • Letters can be sent up to 2 kg – see price list
  • Minimum and maximum targets as for letter mail
  • The shipments are sent by letter post
  • Mail must be addressed to the field postal address in Norway.
    Only first name of recipient
    Feltpost/Field mail XXX
    0018 Oslo

    To department:
    Field entry xxx
    0018 OSLO
  • The country in which the soldier is located must not appear in the address.
  • Always Norwegian postage: Mail is priced like regular domestic letters.
  • Only letters (without additional services) can be sent. (Exception for Jan Mayen where Norgespakke ™ up to 20 kg can be sent.)
  • The letter must not contain dangerous goods and/or goods that are prohibited from being imported into the country of address. The content must also not be in violation of prohibitions set by the aviation authorities or the Armed Forces.
  • Shipments containing goods, gifts, etc. must be equipped with a customs declaration as consignments abroad. You get this at Posten and you do not pay anything extra for this as the price is the same as for shipping in Norway.
  • The value of the content of a field mail shipment abroad cannot exceed NOK 5000.

The service offer for the individual field mail force may vary. The Armed Forces can provide further details.