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Sending a letter abroad

  • Buy stamps as postage for postcards or a letter of no value
  • For a letter of value, you need to fill out a digital customs form and address label, whether it's a gift or something else
  • Use our online solution to do it fast and correctly
  • Maximum weight 2 kg
Female printing address and customs labels

This is how the online order is made:

Register all the items, gifts or objects you are going to send. Although not all item lines appear on your physical address label, they will display in the digital customs information transmitted to the recipient country.

  1. Wrap it properly.
  2. Check that the size is within the maximum and minimum dimensions.
  3. Weigh it by using a baking or bathroom scale.
    For shipments to Svalbard and Jan Mayen – see which shipping method to use.
  4. Fill in the address information as well as customs documentation in English, and pay for the shipping.
  5. In some cases a customs invoice (proforma invoice) is required, see further down the page.
  6. Print the documents and remember to sign them.
  7. Bring the printout and shipment to Posten.
  8. Request a plastic pocket for the documents. Attach the plastic pocket to the shipment with the address and barcode visible.

Here is a overview of what is allowed to ship to each country and if there is other requirements for maximum size.

Also check the list of countries to which letter mail can not be sent now.

Forbidden content and restrictions

The package must not contain weapons, ammunition, live animals, remains, tobacco products, dangerous goods or valuable contents such as gold, silver, precious stones, coins, notes or securities. The contents must also not exceed a value of 100,000.– kroner per package. More about prohibited and dangerous content.

Search here for more information on which rules apply to which countries

Maximum and minimum dimensions for letters

The maximum sizes are:

  • Length + width + thickness: 90 cm
  • Length: 60 cm
  • Shipments over the maximum size or over 2 kg must be sent as a parcel
  • The minimum size for all letter items is 9 x 14 cm

In the following cases, you must also attach a customs invoice (proforma invoice):

  • to companies in Sweden and Denmark
  • the content has a value from and including 5000 kroner, without restrictions
  • the contents require a temporary export, such as goods for repair
  • the content returned, such as complaints or temporary importation
  • Svalbard and Jan Mayen – see how to send

You will receive a plastic pocket for a customs invoice (proforma invoice) at Posten.

Remember that inadequate documentation can delay or stop the shipment!

Delivery time

List of countries to which letter mail can NOT be sent at the moment.

Due to conflicts, the usual delivery time may vary from country to country. See examples of how long it can take from submission to delivery:

  • Nordic countries: 4–7 days depending on country
  • Europe: 4–9 days depending on country
  • USA: 4–8 days
  • China: 5–12 days
  • Rest of the world: 5–10 days

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