Svalbard and Jan Mayen – pricing and customs rules

For letters you pay domestic postage and you must also fill in customs documentation for all consignments containing gifts/goods of value. You can obtain the self-adhesive form from Posten.

Some parcel services to and from Svalbard are subject to a fixed surcharge. The price does not apply to packages sent internally on Svalbard or to Jan Mayen.
See price list for parcels to/from Svalbard

Customs rules for Svalbard and Jan Mayen

In customs terms, Svalbard and Jan Mayen is regarded as a foreign country and therefore the regular customs regulations for import and export apply.

  • For all letters containing more than one standard letter and which have a value, you must complete a self-adhesive form that you can obtain from Posten. You enter the sender, recipient and specify the contents on this form.
  • For packages to Svalbard and Jan Mayen, you use a Norgespakke™ and not a parcel abroad. In addition, customs documentation is required – fill out this customs invoice, which you print and attach it to the consignment. You will also receive customs invoice at Posten.

If you need to send from a company – see

Consignments to Svalbard and Jan Mayen must undergo export customs clearance when (reason):

  • The value of the contents exceeds 5000.– kroner.
  • For temporary export, for example, when something is to be sent abroad to be repaired and will be returned after repair.
  • When re-exporting, for example, something is to be returned to a foreign country following a refund claim.

Posten can declare your packages to Svalbard. See Customs clearance in the price list.

Coverage area

The price surcharge applies to all package products shipped from/to these postal codes:


9170 Longyearbyen
9171 Longyearbyen
9172 Isfjord på Svalbard
9173 Ny-Ålesund
9174 Hopen
9175 Sveagrua
9176 Bjørnøya
9177 Hornsund
9178 Barentsburg
9179 Pyramiden

These products of Posten and Bring get the surcharge:

Business Parcel
Express next day (Business Parcel Express Overnight)
Multiple Business Parcels
Business Parcel 
Business Parcel Return Bulk
Business Pallet 
Business Parcel Return 
Parcel abroad 
PickUp Parcel
PickUp Parcel Return Bulk
PickUp Parcel Return
PickUp Parcel (Climate-neutral Service Parcel)
Home delivery parcel (Parcel to the Door)
Business Parcel Express Overnight Return
Climate-neutral Service Parcel Return
Smart Post Boxes
Norgespakke™ with CoD