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Send parcels abroad

Save time and money by buying your address label online. Use our service guide and at the same time fill in all information about the content/customs that is sent digitally between the countries.

Due to restrictions during the pandemic, see which countries we cannot ship packages to.

Here's how:

Register all goods, gifts or items you are going to send. Although not all item lines appear on the address label, they will appear in the electronic customs information sent to the recipient country. The physical address label has limitations in relation to how large it can be.

  1. Choose whether the package is to be sent in Europe or abroad.
  2. Weigh the package and select weight from the drop-down menu. Use a baking scale, bathroom scale or luggage scale to weigh the shipment when it is wrapped.
    (For shipments to Svalbard – see which shipping method to use.)
  3. Check that the measurements do not exceed the maximum size, see further down under "Explanation of the price calculator".
  4. The next step is to fill in information about the sender, recipient and what the package contains (write this in English).
    Avoid return; write exactly what the content is in the customs document. For example, "Gift" does not hold.

    Note: For enterprises in Sweden and Denmark, you must fill out this customs invoice in addition.
  5. Pay the shipping.
  6. Print the documents and remember to sign the customs document.
  7. Bring the print and package to Posten.
  8. Request a plastic pocket for the documents. Attach the plastic pocket to the package with the address and barcode visible.

Search for information about what you can and can't send to each country.

Send parcel abroad

See price list below if you purchase at our delivery points instead of online.

Explanation of the price calculator:

For package abroad, the following restrictions apply:

The package can be shipped to the whole world, but tracking is limited to most countries in Europe and North America.

When you ship with Posten, you must attach a customs invoice (proforma invoice) in the following cases:

  • to companies in Sweden and Denmark
  • the content has a value from 5000 kroner, without restrictions
  • the contents require a temporary export, such as goods for repair
  • content returned such complaints or admission
  • to Svalbard you buy Norgerspakke™, and attach a customs invoice (proforma invoice)

You will receive a plastic pocket for the customs invoice (proforma invoice) at Posten.

Avoid return from the country of destination due to inadequate documentation.

Forbidden content and restrictions

The package must not contain weapons, ammunition, live animals, remains, tobacco products, dangerous goods or valuable contents such as gold, silver, precious stones, coins, banknotes or securities. The content must also not exceed a value of 100,000.– kroner per package.

Search here for more information on which rules apply to which countries.

Price list for sending parcel abroad

If you choose Posten to carry out the customs registration, see prices in the column "Price at Posten".

  Europe Worldwide
Kilo Price at Posten Price at Price at Posten Price at
1 382 312 418 348
2 408 338 480 410
3 434 364 542 472
4 460 390 604 534
5 486 416 666 596
6 512 442 728 658
7 538 468 790 720
8 564 494 852 782
9 590 520 914 844
10 616 546 976 906
11 642 572 1038 968
12 668 598 1100 1030
13 694 624 1162 1092
14 720 650 1224 1154
15 746 676 1286 1216
16 772 702 1348 1278
17 798 728 1410 1340
18 824 754 1472 1402
19 850 780 1534 1464
20 876 806 1596 1526