Terms for parcel abroad

Sender and recipient

Private individuals.

Product use criteria



Anywhere in the world.


Not included.


Varies according to destination/country. Search for information for each country.


Dependent on the recipient country’s rules, to the recipient’s door or delivery to a post office.

Parcels that cannot be delivered

 Parcels where delivery has been attempted or that are to be sent directly to a post office must be collected within a minimum of 14 days (up to 4 weeks in some countries). If the parcel is not collected before the deadline, it will be returned (unless the sender has clearly specified on the address card/transport label that he does not want the parcel returned). When parcels are returned, the sender must pay the list price for a corresponding new parcel to the country in question.

Time guarantee



SDR 40 (approx. 400.– kroner) per parcel plus SDR 4.50 (approx. 45.– kroner) per kg in the event of loss or damage.

SDR is a form of currency made up of several different currencies. The exchange rate is available from Norges Bank.

Max. weight/max. dimensions

Parcel may not be longer than 120 cm, width over 60 cm and/or height over 60 cm. Max. weight 20 kg.

Minimum dimensions

23x13x1 cm


The price is calculated on the basis of the current price list. Basic price plus weight supplement up to 20 kg, two price zones “Europe” and “Rest of World”. Any export declaration is included in the price. Any import declaration, duty and VAT will be paid by the recipient.


Parcel abroad address card.


The sender is responsible for ensuring that the contents of a parcel are packed securely. Multiple unloading/sorting tasks are often underway simultaneously, and consideration must be given to this when thinking about packaging. Packaging must be solid and of an appropriate size in relation to the item that is being sent. Fragile items must be surrounded by impact-absorbing material so as to absorb pressure and shocks and protect the contents.

Prohibited contents

Parcels may not include valuables such as precious stones and precious metals, coins, notes or securities, or weapons, ammunition, live animals, waste materials, cigarettes and other tobacco products, and hazardous goods. The market value of the contents may not exceed 100,000.– kroner per parcel and max. 1,000,000.– kroner per pallet/transport assignment. (“Transport assignment” refers to “the overall delivery from a sender to a receiving country on one sending occasion”.) The sender is responsible for ensuring that a parcel does not include anything which must not be imported into the receiving country in question. Check here what can be imported into each country.



Customs clearance documentation

An address card must be supplemented with a customs invoice signed manually. A completed customs invoice must be included with parcels containing goods worth in excess of 5000.– kroner, as well as goods that are to be returned or that are being exported from Norway temporarily, e.g. goods for repair.

Special pricing

Posten Norge is entitled to amend the price by way of compensation for increased fuel costs, currency exchange changes and government duties and fees, or other situations beyond Posten Norge’s control, or to charge a fee (fuel supplement) in addition to the agreed price. Posten Norge is entitled to change this fee with no prior notification to the customer. The fuel supplement must be specified in the invoice and relates to regular shipments, and possibly pallet cargoes as well.

Cash On Delivery