Dangerous and forbidden content

There is a difference between what you as a private person or a business representative are allowed to ship. Are you representing a business, please proceed to bring.no.

You have to check the rules for what is allowed to ship to the individual countries, see our country overview.

Not everything can be shipped by air

Please note that various consumables such as batteries, aerosol cans, perfume and nail polish can not be sent by air. The prohibition also applies to articles with mounted battery, such as electric bicycles.

Illustration with examples of dangerous and forbidden content

This can not be shipped by Posten:

  • ammunition
  • fireworks and other pyro technical equipment (as for example smoke bombs, smoke cartridges, blasting caps or dynamite)
  • explosives and flammable substances
  • drugs
  • all live and dead animals, including remains of dead animals
  • counterfeit goods/pirated goods
  • money or securities can only be sent in promissory notes
  • valuables such as gemstones and precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum cannot be sent in parcels abroad

List of exceptions for special content

There are separate rules for sending weapon, insects, lithium batteries, biological material, dry ice, liquid, radioactive material, fire extinguishers and magnets. Se exceptions and rules

Are you unsure of what you are allowed to send, contact Posten and Bring customer service, private consumers 22 03 00 00 or business 04045.