Insured letters

Valuable content with insurance

If sending something highly valuable, choose insured letter as shipping method.

With insured letter, you get proof that the letter has been submitted and the recipient is informed that the consignment has reached Posten.

Insured letters are insured with up to 40,000 kroner, and the recipient must therefore legitimize and sign before the letter is handed out.

It is the usual delivery time for insured letters – two to three business days.

Remember this service is only available in Norway and up to 2 kilograms!

Prices for insured letter

Since the value of insured letters normally is large, the letter must be sealed with a special tape approved by Posten. The tape costs 16.– kroner and comes in addition to postage. The tape can be bought at our delivery points. Regular postage for the letter is additional.

Price per shipmentAdditional per item

Basic postage for the letter + 515.– kroner

Sealing tape 17.– kroner.
7.– kroner per 1000.– kroner when value exceeds 10,000.– kroner.