Terms for insured letters

When you send a letter by registered post, you receive a receipt when you drop it off and the letter is delivered to the recipient when the recipient shows valid proof of identity. Delivery can take place on provision of a letter of authority from the recipient.


Limited to one recipient. The letter can be addressed to a company or one person, not multiple persons.


The value of the content is limited up to 40 000.– kroner. If multiple letters are sent from one sender to one and the same recipient, the limit is 40 000 kroner per day.

Marking and sealing

The value must be written on the letter. The value can be stated with real or lower value, maximum 40 000 kroner. Money and stamps must be stated at real value.

The letter is sealed with sealing tape approved by Posten. Names or company stamp must be put under the tape. You can buy sealing tape at Posten.

Handing in locations

Post Offices, chosen Post in Shops and rural postmen.


Insured letters can only be sent domestically. The delivery time is normally 3 business days.


Insured letters can be traced by our tracking service.


Up to 40 000.– kroner.

Posten is not liable for consequential damages, see General Terms and Conditions of Delivery for Postal Services, section 14.2. If you wish insurance against consequential damages, we recommend the service Express next day.


Up to 2 kg.


As for ordinary mailing.


Yes, and with the tracking number.

Pick up

Picked up by recipient upon presentation of pickup message at Posten or rural mailman. Pick up deadline is 3 weeks. If the shipment is not picked up within 3 weeks, it will be sent back. Reminder is sent to the recipient after 5 days.


Updated with new pickup deadline 01.10.2022

Valid from 1.01.2018.