Help with shipping to/from abroad

Due to restrictions these days; here is country lists for letters and parcels:

Questions & answers

  • All shipments, except simple letter, will be processed for import.

    If the last tracking shows that your shipment is for import processing, it means that your shipment is with us for customs clearance, ie if the shipment is free of charge or has to be cleared. If all necessary documents accompany the shipment, it will be cleared and forwarded to your pick-up point.

    If it lacks any customs documents, you will be contacted by SMS or letter about the cause and what you must do. You get new notification when the item is ready to be picked up at the Post Office.

  • No. Customs office has no consignments for storage.
    It is Posten that makes the customs clearance of all shipments shipped by us. If your consignment is for customs clearance, it is Posten you must contact.

  • If the status shows that the shipment is for import assessment, the shipment will be considered for possible customs clearance. If all necessary papers are in place, the shipment will be sent to you when it is finished.

    If your package or letter is insufficient with customs documents, information about content and value is missing or the Customs Service requires confidentiality - you will be contacted by SMS or letter about what is missing.

    You must procure this and send it to us. Please upload missing documentation and submit via our online solution. Or send e-mail or letter to Customer Service. Contact information is always provided at the bottom of the letter from us.

    All customs clearance by Posten are done at our freight center in Oslo. Read more about customs clearance.

    When the shipment is ready for handout at your pickup office, you will be notified.