Completion of customs clearance documents

Private individuals must fill in customs documentation for all types of shipments abroad, except postcards and regular letters. The information must now be digitally recorded due to common rules between the countries.

For both letters and parcels, you can fill in address labels and customs papers via our web solution. This is cheaper than if Posten registers it for you.

To Svalbard and Jan Mayen

  • Letters to Svalbard and Jan Mayen: For all letters containing more than an ordinary letter or content with value, you fetch a self adhesive form at Posten to be filled out with sender, receiver and a specification of the content.
  • Parcel to Svalbard and Jan Mayen: Use Norgespakke™, and in addition you need customs papers. Fill out this customs invoice and bring it with you to Posten. Address label for the Norgespakke™ can be purchased online.

Important about customs documentation:

  1. Customs information are filled out in English, either on the address label or in the self-service solution.
  2. Content should be described in detail with the number, weight, value and country of origin for each article. (If you have Customs Tariff Number * enter this.)
  3. Total weight and value (eg Norwegian kroner) are given for all content in the shipment.
  4. Remember to sign.

* More information about the Customs Tariff and the HS number/tariff number can be found at