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Completion of customs clearance documents

A customs invoice must be included with the parcel when you send items abroad.

For private individuals, we request that a completed customs invoice/pro forma invoice be enclosed with the parcel, placed in a plastic pocket alongside the address on the parcel. Companies must use a trade or pro forma invoice – see

Besides the full name and address of both the recipient and the sender, the parcel must be supplied with a customs declaration showing the contents and value of the parcel:

  • Customs declaration (CN22) is used for letter post of a value of up to SDR 300.– (approx. Kr 3000.–).
  • Customs declaration (CN23) is used for letter post of a value in excess of SDR 300.– (approx. Kr 3000.–).
  • For parcels, CN23 is part of the address card set and so is used regardless of value. 

This is what you do:

The customs declaration (CN22 and CN23) in English, French or a language understood by the receiving country.

The contents must be described in detail, indicating the quantity, country of origin, weight and value of each item.

The total weight and value (e.g. in Norwegian kroner) are specified for the entire parcel.
For commercial goods, the first six digits of the HS number/customs tariff number from the Customs Tariff* are stated.
For CN23: State the postage/shipment costs paid for the parcel and attach a customs invoice.
Remember to sign the document.

*More information about the Customs Tariff and HS numbers/customs tariff numbers can be found at