Vacation or away for a while?

Order safekeeping of your mail

When you are on holiday, you do not have to be concerned about your mailbox getting full. With our hold mail service, we will take care of your mail until you are back.

Application deadlines

When ordering online, the order must be made at least two working days before storage is to start. If you order by phone, you must count four working days and when ordering at Norway Post, it is five days.

It's that simple:

  • Use BankID, or any of the other options that appear, and log in.
  • Enter which address and who in the household the order applies to, and how long the mailings should be kept.
  • Pay with Visa or Mastercard.
  • If you need to change your order; log in to My address or call customer service on phone 22 03 00 00 and enter the reference number of the order.

We keep all addressed mail shipments sent through Posten. Unaddressed advertising from Posten is neither stored nor placed in your mailbox. However, we cannot prevent anyone other than Posten from placing advertisements or other consignments in your mailbox. 

Remember that registered letters, valued letters and parcels are returned to the sender when the pickup deadline has expired, check the different pickup deadlines.

When the safekeeping period is over, you will receive the mail in the mailbox on the first distribution day after the expiry of the agreed period.

If there is not enough space in your mailbox, you will receive a message that it can be retrieved at Posten.

If you need to obtain a stored mail during the retention period, order the delivery at My address two business days in advance. Optionally, call 22 03 00 00 two working days in advance. You will need the reference number found on the order confirmation.

Prices for holding of mail

What is pricedPrice
Up to 15 days190.–
Further per week31.–