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We are holding your mail while you are away.

When you are on holiday, you do not have to be concerned about your mailbox getting full. With safe-keeping, we will take care of your mail until you are back.

We store all addressed mail that are sent through Posten. Unaddressed advertising from Posten is neither stored nor put in your mailbox.

Keep in mind that registered letters, value letters and parcels are returned to the sender when the deadline has expired, check out the different pickup deadlines.

Fill out the form and hand it in at Posten or use the web service (in Norwegian).

Stored mail arrives in the mailbox as soon as the safe-keeping period is over. If there is no space in the box, you will receive a message that it can be retrieved from your post office or Post in Shop.

Application deadline

When ordering online, the order must be made at least two business days prior to safe-keeping. When ordering at Posten, the deadline is five days.

How to use the web service:

  • Use BankID, or one of the other options that comes up and log in.
  • Register your address and name, as well as how long the mail shall be stored.
  • Pay with Visa or Mastercard.



Prices for safe-keeping

You may extend your ordered period for an additional kr 50.– per change.


Questions & Answers

  • What type of mail is kept?

    We can only store mail distributed with Posten.

    All types of addressed mail are kept, but registered letters, value letters and parcels that would be collected at Posten will still be sent back when the deadline expires.

    Unaddressed advertising is not stored. However, we cannot prevent other parties to post advertisements or other shipments in your mailbox.

  • Can I get hold of my stored mail during the safekeeping period?

    Yes, order the delivery on My address two business days in advance, or call 22 03 00 00 no later than two working days in advance. You will need the reference number found on the order confirmation.

  • What do I do if I want to change my order?

    Sign in to My address or call customer service at 22 03 00 00 and enter the reference number from the order confirmation.

  • How can businesses order safekeeping?

    Businesses can order safe-keeping of mail by filling out the form that can be downloaded from