Terms for hold mail service

Terms updated as from June 2018.


Safe-keeping of post entails that the post is not delivered, but retained by Posten for an agreed period. A safe-keeping agreement has been established when Posten has received a fully completed and correct order, and Posten has sent confirmation to the customer.

The safe-keeping concerns addressed post:

  • Letters
  • Small parcels
  • Postal subscriptions for newspapers and magazines

Post that has to be signed for and collected from the post office/Post in Shop will be returned to the sender when the pick up date has expired. This applies even if the safe-keeping period continues, and to the following post:

  • Registered letters
  • Insured letters
  • Cash on delivery
  • Parcels

Safe-keeping can be ordered for up to three months. A new agreement can be established within a total of six months’ continuous safe-keeping.

On the first distribution day after the expiry of the agreed period, post in safe-keeping will be delivered to the customer's fixed address. On request, the customer can have post from safe-keeping delivered during the safe-keeping period.

Safe-keeping of post may start at the earliest two business days from ordering at posten.no. See the order deadlines here.

Changes to a service ordered

The customer may cancel the service no later than one business day before the agreed start date. Concerning any reimbursement, the customer must contact Customer Service by telephone before the agreed start date.

Before the agreed end date, the customer may interrupt a service that has commenced. No reimbursement is made.

The customer may extend a service that has been ordered or commenced. Costs will accrue for the extension of the service.

Prices and terms of payment

You can find price details here.

Processing of personal data

The data is processed in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Under the Norwegian Postal Services Act, Posten is obliged to undertake nationwide post distribution and to manage a register of addresses. Posten therefore requires all post recipients to be included in Posten’s address register. No consent is obtained for this. National identity number is used to ensure the necessary identification of the post recipient. Posten’s address register is updated regularly from the national population register with national identity numbers, name changes and deaths. Postal addresses are not updated from the national population register.

Additional personal data obtained due to safe-keeping is necessary for Posten to be able to fulfil the agreement with the post recipient concerning the safe-keeping of post. This information is stored for as long as necessary for the distribution of post.

By contacting Posten's Customer Service in writing, post recipients can receive details of the information concerning them that is included in the address register, and have any errors corrected.

The address details are used to update private and public registers. This is limited to registers in which the person is already listed. By contacting Posten's Customer Service in writing, post recipients may request that their postal address is not used to update their address.


Posten’s liability for the change of address services is limited to the price of the service ordered. Posten is not liable for any consequential claims. The liability is limited to post distributed by Posten.

Posten’s general terms of delivery will also apply.

Claims must be submitted by the customer without undue delay after the error is discovered, by telephone to Customer Service – (+47) 22 03 00 00, at customer service, or to Posten Norge AS, Posten and Bring Customer Service, P.O.box 1883, NO-4630 Kristiansand.