Avoid returns

Pickup deadlines at Posten

Keep in mind that your shipments must be collected within pickup deadlines.

After your shipment has arrived at the pickup point, you have 14 days or 3 weeks to collect it.

These shipments have 3 weeks pickup deadline

  • Letters too big for the mailbox (domestic and from abroad)
  • Registered letters (domestic and from abroad)
  • Insured letters from abroad
  • Norgespakke™
  • Norgespakke™ cash on delivery

Excepitons at certain times of the year

  • Easter week: Shipments with a pick-up deadline that falls on Maundy Thursday up to and including the 2nd day of Easter will have the last pick-up deadline on the first working day (Tuesday) after the Easter week.
  • July: shipments with a deadline of July 15th to July 31st will be returned on August 1st.
  • December: shipments with a deadline of December 23rd to December 31st will be returned 3rd day after the new year.
  • Note: some senders have an agreement on a 14-day pickup date throughout the year.

Shipments from abroad, which is stopped in customs clearance due to lack of customs documentation, has a feedback deadline of 14 days before shipments are returned to the sender.

You can upload and send missing customs documentation here.