Avoid returns

Pickup deadlines at Posten

Keep in mind that your shipments must be collected within pickup deadlines.

After your shipment has arrived at the pickup point, you have 7 days or 3 weeks to collect it.

These shipments have 3 weeks pickup deadline

  • Letters too big for the mailbox (domestic and from abroad)
  • Registered letters (domestic and from abroad)
  • Insured letters (domestic and from abroad
  • Norgespakke™ 0–5 kg
  • Norgespakke™ 0–35 kg
  • Norgespakke™ cash on delivery

For all other shipments, there is a 7-day pickup period.

7-day pickup deadline from 1 October 2022:

For all shipments other than those mentioned above and which are delivered to Post in Shop or Parcelbox (Pakkeboks), you have a 7-day pickup period. You can easily and free of charge extend the pickup deadline from 7 to 14 days in the Posten app or via SMS.

Exceptions at certain times of the year

  • Easter week: Shipments with a pick-up deadline that falls on Maundy Thursday up to and including the 2nd day of Easter will have the last pick-up deadline on the first working day (Tuesday) after the Easter week.
  • July: shipments with a deadline of July 15th to July 31st will be returned on August 1st.
  • December: shipments with a deadline of December 23rd to December 31st will be returned 3rd day after the new year.
  • Note: Certain senders do not allow the deadline to be extended.

Shipments from abroad, which is stopped in customs clearance due to lack of customs documentation, has a feedback deadline of 14 days before shipments are returned to the sender.

You can upload and send missing customs documentation here.