ID theft? Treat yourself to extra security

While enjoying great days on vacation, someone at home may be tempted to use your mailbox for ID theft. They will be able to order credit cards and goods that they pick out of the mailbox before you return.

You can either let the neighbour take care of your mail, or we can do it for you.

We keep your mail safe and secure. You will not receive letters, parcels, registered consignments or advertisements from Posten in your mailbox.

Order hold mail service for the period you are away, or read more about the service.

More about ID theft

ID theft is often discovered when mysterious mail arrives from your bank, online shop or credit reporting agency.

Sometimes criminals have ordered new credit cards in your name, other times there may be loan papers or confirmation of bookings.

Good control of your mailbox and correct address is therefore important measures against ID theft.

ID theft and address services

To prevent you from detecting the theft, the criminals are trying to take over your mail account. We must prevent that.

Therefore, we require that you use BankID or Public Login (MinID) to identify yourself before you can order a address change, hold mail service or temporary redirection. When ordering via post office and Post in Store, a proof of identity is required.

Suspected fraud attempts?

Log in to My address and check your information:

- the address must be exactly right
- the whole family, but no unauthorized persons must be registered in the mailbox
- no change of address, temporary change of address or safekeeping of mail should have been made wrongfully

Correct any errors and contact our Customer services, phone 22 03 00 00, if you suspect fraud attempt.

Customer service will give you advice on whether you should contact the bank that issued your BankID, possibly ID port, and whether there is reason to contact the police.

Secure digital mail

In addition to securing your mailbox, you may also want to create a digital mailbox. Posten recommend Digipost.

Read more and create user in Digipost.