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Temporary redirection

Are you going away for a while and want to receive your post where you are?

Temporary redirection is used when you know that you will return to the original address. You keep your regular address in our register. If you are not coming back, you should order permanent change of address.

We forward all mail sent through Posten to Norway and abroad. Packages can be forwarded within Norway for a fee.

Fill out the form and hand it in at Posten or use the web service (in Norwegian).

Application deadline

When ordering online, the order must be made at least two business days before the redirection will start. When ordering at Posten, the deadline is eight business days.

How to use the web service:

  • Use BankID, or one of the other options that comes up and log in.
  • Register both today's address and where the mail will be sent, as well as how long the mail shall be redirected.
  • Pay with Visa or Mastercard.


Prices for temporary redirection

Questions & Answers

  • How can businesses order redirection of mail?

    Businesses can order temporary redirection of mail by filling out the form that can be downloaded from


  • Can the mail be forwarded abroad?

    Yes, with some limitations. Shipments of items cannot be forwarded abroad due to customs declaration.

    For permanent change of address, newspapers and magazines will not be forwarded. Remember to update the publisher about your new address.

  • Will all mail be forwarded to new address?

    All types of addressed mail distributed through Posten will be forwarded. Within Norway, it also applies to items sent in letters.

    Packages may be redirected for an additional fee paid by the receiver upon extradition. In this case, contact customer service.

  • How do I change my order?

    Sign in to My address or call customer service at 22 03 00 00.

    Remember the reference number on the order.

  • Can I be sure that there will be no mail to my temporary address after I have left?

    We will stop sending the mail a few days before the period expires and will keep the mail for the rest of the time.

    Within Norway it is two business days, in Europe one week and the rest of the world two weeks.

  • What do I do with deceased person's estate?

    Use the form that can be found in the list below and deliver it to the post office or Post in Shop.

    Remember ID and certificate that shows that you can act on behalf of the deceased person.

    The price is the same as for regular temporary redirection of post.