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Change of address

Moving? Let us make sure your mail comes with you.

To ensure that the post is delivered to your new address when you have moved, you must report change of address.

Once you have registered address, you get the mail forwarded free of charge for two months. If you want the mail to be forwarded even longer, you can order and pay for that.


How to do it

In order to prevent ID theft it is important that you legitimize, therefore you must use BankID.

Register your new address with us, and we will forward your mail to your new address for two months. Pay with Visa or Mastercard for what you order beyond the two months.



Prices for redirection after address change


Ordering deadline

The service must be ordered at least four business days before moving if you order online, and eight business days if you order at post office or Post in Store.

Questions & answers

  • Can the mail be forwarded abroad?

    Yes, with some limitations. Shipments of items can not be forwarded abroad due to customs declaration.

    In case of permanent change of address, newspapers and magazines will not be forwarded. Remember to notify the publisher about the new address.

  • Will all mail be forwarded to the new address?

    All types of addressed mail, distributed through the Posten, will be forwarded. Inland, it also applies to items sent in letters.

    Packages can be forwarded for additional postage paid by the recipient upon delivery. Make contact with customer service for details.

  • How to change your order?

    • You can see the status of your order on My address. Here you can also change it.

    If you do not have the opportunity to use the internet, call Customer Service on phone 22 03 00 00 and provide the reference number on the order.

    Any cancellation must be made no later than one working day before the start date. The amount paid is not refundable.

  • Will mail to the old address be sent in return?

    We send the mail on to the new address in the agreed period. When the period is over, the mail will be sent in return to sender.

  • Do I get free notification of relocation (Flyttehjelpen)?

    Posten updates company's customer lists with new addresses, but this is an optional service that the company has to pay for this. Therefore, not everybody get the message through this address update.

    If you use Posten relocate service (Flyttehjelpen) (In Norwegian only) you can send a message to your connection for free, even if you choose to use a traditional letter for the message.

    Otherwise, it is important that you order the forwarding of the mail until you are absolutely sure that everyone has been notified.

  • Are there any other ways to report change of address?

    At the post office and Post in Store they have a form you can use. You can also download it from the list below and deliver it at the post office. Remember your ID.

  • What about deceased estates?

    Use the form for temporary redirection by deceased estate. The form is to be delivered at the Post Office. Remember your ID and certificate that shows that you can act on behalf of the estate.

    Price as for temporary mail delivery.