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Are you moving to study?

Remember to report change of address to take your mail to a new address.

Order permanent address change at Posten..

First, we must check that you are the correct person: Use Altinn and choose the appropriate method, such as MinID or BankID. Or, use BankID on mobile if you prefer.

Address change is completely free and you will receive the mail from your old to your new address in the first two months. If you want, you can get forwarding for a longer period (a fee has to paid).

Label your mailbox

Remember the names of all who have mail in the same box.

Tip: You get a free mailbox sign if you order permanent address change online and then follow the link to the "Flyttehjelpen".

Do you have your own mailbox?

You do not need your own mailbox if you can use the landlords mailbox. But you still have to order permanent address change and put your name on the mailbox.

What about Lånekassen?

Notifying change of address to Posten does not affect the Lånekassen's scholarships. You may submit your own message (you may be asked to send a rental contract, etc.). You can read more about this on Lånekassen's web pages (in Norwegian).

What about the National Register?

Some reports moving also to the National Register, but it is not mandatory for students. Read more about it on the Folkeregister website.

Do you want to keep your mailing address at home, too?

If you wish, you can receive mail both at your home address and where you live during the study period. The mail will be delivered to the address given to the consignment. It will not be sent from old to new address.

The scheme is best suited for those who are often at home so that they can retrieve the mail that arrives at home.

In the case of a dormitory, you register as an add-on instead of reporting change of address. Do this change online on My address.