Are you moving to study?

If you want parcels and letters delivered where you live, you must update your address at Posten.
Female student unpacking in new residence

When moving to study, there are some things to keep in mind for mailings to arrive. Here we have gathered everything you need to know.

Report change of address

Change of address is completely free. Posten will send the mail to your new address for two months at no cost. If you need forwarding for an extended period, you can pay a little extra for it when you order.

When logging in to the address page, we must first check that you are the right person. You log in with a regular BankID (chip or mobile) or one of the other options that come up.

What about Lånekassen?

Notifying change of address to Posten does not affect the Lånekassen's scholarships. You may submit your own message (you may be asked to send a rental contract, etc.).

You can read more about this on Lånekassen's web pages.

What about the National Population Register?

Report moving to the National Population Register is not mandatory for students. Read more about it on the National Population Register website.

Label your mailbox

Remember to add all the names of everyone who will receive mail in your mailbox. You do not need to have your own mailbox if you can use the landlord's mailbox.

Be sure to add new people moving in with you. It is also important to remove names if someone moves out.

Do you want to keep your mailing address at home, too?

If you wish, you can receive mail both at your home address and where you live during the study period. The mail will be delivered to the address given to the consignment. It will not be sent from old to new address.

The scheme is best suited for those who are often at home so that they can retrieve the mail that arrives at home.

In the case of a dormitory, you register as an add-on instead of reporting change of address. Do this change online on My address.

Get digital mail from digital senders

Many senders have also begun to send mail digitally. Digipost gives you access to all digital mail wherever you are. You will automatically receive mail from senders who begin sending digitally.

Digipost is free to create, you can receive an unlimited amount of mail, and it is free to receive.

If you both create Digipost and register the correct address with Posten, you can be sure that mail and parcels will arrive to you.