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Moving tips

Moving is usually an extensive project. Here we have compiled our best tips in a checklist to provide a painless relocation process as possible.
Boxes used for moving stuff

1. Planning

Plan moving help

Ask if friends and family can contribute or order help from a moving agency or cleaning company. Make sure that they arrive at the agreed time.

Check the insurance

Check if you are insured in the moving process. Some occupational and non-life insurance cover relocation, and some relocation agencies also offer insurance.

Take pictures

You may want to take pictures in every room, both in the home you move from and where you come, as proof of what it looked like.

Order furniture

If you are going to order new furniture, plan this in good time. Some furniture stores have 6-8 weeks delivery time.

Schedule any refurbishment

Redecorating, find out where everything should be in the meantime. Do you need to rent a storage space, or can you cover the things with tarpaulin?

2. Packing

Throw, sell and give away

Take the opportunity to get rid of things. There are a number of digital marketplaces where it's easy to sell and deliver things. But it may take time, so start early!

Get enough cardboard boxes

A number of department stores sell moving boxes and boxes, and there are several grocery stores that give away banana boxes that they have left over.

Pack smart

Things that belong together should be packed together, but do not let the boxes be full of heavy books. Select the boxes according to what they contain.

Put out blankets

Lay out blankets or towels that can be used to give upholstery to fragile things in the moving car.

3. Change of address

Report a move at the Post

Notify the Post to ensure that the mail is delivered to your new address. You can do this via Posten's address pages. We will also notify the Norwegian Tax Administration if you tick that option.

Transfer power, TV and broadband

Tell your service providers that you are moving. If you want internet in the new home from the first day, it is advisable to let you know at least three weeks in advance.

Notify all connections

Send message to friends, acquaintances and other connections about your new address. The recipient list in your online bank can provide a good overview of who needs a message.

Name the mailbox, door and doorbell

Hang up the sign with the names of everyone in the household, including children. Also, remember to remove names and tags from the old mailbox.