Terms for customs clearance when receiving parcels from abroad

Receiving a parcel from abroad: Parcels and letters containing dutiable contents (goods)

To ensure quick delivery of imported goods, Posten Bring carries out automatic customs processing if sufficient documentation is available to make this possible and the recipient has not opted out of this service.

For Posten Bring to be able to carry out customs processing correctly, Posten Bring requires the sender to have sent and filled in documents (invoice, address card, customs declaration/customs label) correctly.

Posten Bring will contact the recipient if any documentation is missing. Posten Bring would like to emphasise that a fee may be charged for collection of missing customs clearance documentation.

For declaration/customs clearance of an item, the recipient’s social security number (11 digits) must be stated for customs clearance purposes, pursuant to the customs clearance regulations. If Posten Bring does not have the recipient’s social security number in its records, the recipient will be asked to provide this information before the item can undergo customs clearance. When the recipient’s social security number is recorded in one of Posten Bring’s databases, this information will be encrypted and may be used by Posten Bring for services at a later date where necessary. No social security number is required for goods worth less than NOK 3000 that can undergo customs clearance using a simplified customs clearance solution.

Posten Bring accepts no compensation liability in the case of delays or incorrect declaration caused by incorrect information, i.e. errors made by the sender or recipient.

Posten Bring’s customs clearance prices for the customs processing service

The recipient himself must pay the customs clearance price charged by Posten Bring for either simplified customs clearance or regular customs clearance, in addition to import duties levied by the government (VAT and any duty). Shipments falling under the duty-free/free limit will be sent receiver without Posten requires a price for customs clearance.

Payment of import duties and any customs clearance price will normally be demanded when dutiable goods are delivered to the recipient.

Private individuals are not allowed to import certain items.  Items with associated restrictions may mean that the recipient must have a special permit or licence to import the item. More information about this, along with information about import duties, can be found on the Norwegian Customs and Excise Service website.

Posten Bring would like to emphasise that it is possible to opt out of the Posten Bring customs clearance service if you wish to perform customs clearance under your own auspices. Reservations are made upon request to the Posten Bring customer service team prior to importing. Reservations may be made for individual parcels or future parcels.  When delivering postal parcels where the recipient himself has arranged for customs clearance, the recipient will be charged a processing fee in order to cover Posten Bring's costs for arrival processing, registration of the parcels, mandatory customs warehouse storage and receipt of customs clearance documentation from the customer.

Personal information

Posten's processing of personal data in connection with the delivery of the service is regulated by a separate privacy statement. It provides you with information about how we process your personal information and your rights in that connection.

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