Terms and conditions for customs clearance/customs processing for imports from abroad

Parcels and letters with dutiable content

To ensure rapid delivery of import consignments, Posten Bring carries out the customs processing automatically as long as the consignment information is sufficient.

In order to ensure correct customs processing and customs clearance, Posten Bring depends on the sender providing the customs information required by the authorities about the shipment.

When Posten Bring identifies insufficient customs documentation, the recipient is contacted to obtain the necessary documentation for customs processing. A cost may be incurred for obtaining customs clearance documentation.

Shipments to private recipients, which have a low value of up to 3,000 kroner, and which do not contain restricted goods (alcohol, foodstuffs, tobacco, medicines, etc.), will be processed by Posten Bring in a simplified digital customs clearance process. Such customs clearance assignments are included in Posten Bring's automated collective customs clearance process* and consequently there is no opportunity to carry out self-clearance.

*Collective customs clearance is a permit given to customs declarants such as Posten Bring, where low-value customs clearances for many private recipients are collected in a simplified customs clearance solution and sent as a daily customs clearance to the Norwegian Customs.

For shipments with a value of over 3,000 kroner, as well as goods subject to restrictions, it is an official requirement that the recipient's national identity number (11 digits) must be given at customs. If Posten Bring does not have the recipient's national identification number in its registers, the recipient will be asked to provide this before the item can be cleared through customs. When the recipient's national identity number is registered with Posten Bring, this will be encrypted. When contacting Posten's customer service ahead of an import, the recipient has the opportunity to opt out of Posten Bring clearing customs and instead carry out self-clearance. In the case of self-clearance, Posten Bring will charge a handling fee on delivery. The price covers costs for arrival processing, registration of shipment, compulsory customs storage, etc.

Posten Bring does not accept liability for delays or incorrect declarations caused by incorrect information from the sender or recipient.

Posten Bring's customs clearance prices for customs processing

The recipient is normally charged a customs clearance fee to Posten Bring, in addition to import duties to the state. Shipments that do not require customs clearance are forwarded without Posten Bring charging a price for this.

Payment of import duties and a possible customs clearance fee will normally be required in connection with the forwarding of a taxable shipment to the recipient. Low-value shipments, where Posten Bring processes customs digitally, are delivered directly to the recipient's mailbox. This happens in parallel with the payment notification that is delivered in the Posten app, Digipost or as a physical message in the mailbox. For some shipments, you will be able to pay the import duties via the Posten app, on Posten's own website or on delivery. Outstanding payment will, after repeated notifications, result in disqualification from receiving consignments before payment. Future consignments must therefore be picked up at Posten's delivery point and paid for on delivery.

Price list

Some goods are forbidden to import and other goods may be subject to restrictions, eg alcohol and tobacco. Importing restricted goods may mean that the recipient must have a special permit or license to import the goods. More about this and information on import duties can be found on the Norwegian Customs website.

Privacy policy

Posten Bring's processing of personal data, in connection with the delivery of the service, is regulated by a separate privacy policy. This clarifies how your personal data is processed and which rights you have.

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