Identify forged emails and text messages

You probably receive a lot of emails and text messages every day. It can be difficult to differentiate between legitimate and forged inquiries (such as phishing). The logos of Posten and Bring are often used in forged emails to increase their legitimacy,

The Posten tracking app – safe information

We recommend that all customers download the Posten app for mobile devices. This is a safe channel where you can see tracking information for your parcel.

Uncover forged inquiries and phishing attempts

To be able to identify forged emails and text messages, it is important that you understand how the criminals operate and how they scam us. When you receive an email or a text message, this is what you should think about:

  • What does the sender want you to do?
  • Does the sender ask for your username, password, payment information or something else?
  • Does the message seem to be time sensitive – is something wrong that need immediate action, will the situation get worse if you do not act? Is there some sort of reward waiting for you?
  • Are you expecting this message or is it coming “out of the blue”?
  • Check the sender address and the links. But be aware: these can easily be forged, so just because the sender address is correct this does not necessarily mean that the message is legitimate.

Misuse of Posten and Bring logos

It’s impossible to know what every phishing email or text message look like, since they may change so rapidly. When criminals misuse the Posten or Bring brand, they may try to frame the message towards parcel tracking, that a parcel is ready for pickup, or that there is an outstanding payment on a parcel.

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Stop. Think. Click.

When you receive an email, stop and take a moment to reflect about the contents. Take the tips mentioned above into consideration. This will reduce the risk of you being tricked by such scam messages.

If you identify a forged message, delete it.

If you have been tricked by a phishing email, we have some good advice for you.

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