New customs rules on foodstuff import

New customs rules effective from January 1st 2020

New customs rules effective from January 1st 2020 will affect import of foodstuff from abroad.

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The new rules mean you will be obliged to pay VAT on all foodstuff, regardless of value. Some items will also infer duty and other taxes (e.g. sugar tax). The rules include food supplements. Go to Skatteetaten and for more information and details.

Ask your e-retailer

Some international retailers will adapt to the new rules. In most cases the retailer will then actively inform you that no extra fees apply connected to the import. It is recommended that you ask your retailer if you feel uncertain about their policy.
In cases where the retailer does not adjust their procedures to the changes, Posten will conduct a full customs clearance of the parcel upon arrival to Norway. From January 1st 2020 the price for full customs clearance is 299 NOK in addition to calculated VAT and duties.

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