Requirements for mailbox systems

Here is an overview of our requirements related to mailbox systems.

Posten's requirements for mailbox systems are related to size, functionality, labelling and assembly to ensure that the mailbox system is functioning in the best possible way.

Mailbox size

Posten recommends that the mailbox has the following internal dimensions: 370mm x 270mm x 160mm

Labeling the mailbox

Mailbox must have a clear labelling both when mailbox/facility is open and closed. On the front there must be room for labelling with name, apartment number or possibly residential number. The label should be at least 55mm x 90mm.

Other marking on the mailbox

Those who own mailboxes decide whether they wish to receive unaddressed mail advertising or not. We therefore recommend that mailboxes are not pre-marked with "no thanks for advertising" – so the owners themselves can decide what to receive in their mailbox.

Design and installation/location

Mailbox systems is available either for placement in a brick wall or wall mounting indoors and outdoors.

When installing, the emphasis is on providing the mailbox system such a location that the mailman gets a good working position. The lower/lowest feed height should not be less than 90 cm, and the top/highest throw opening should not be higher than 175 cm from the point of view.

Functionality, lock and delivery

It should be easy for the mailman to receive mail in the mailbox, as well as for the recipient to retrieve the mail. Each mailbox must provide satisfactory security for the shipments and be fitted with a fixed lock. The system must be provided with a main lid with Posten's "Zone lock" (for the current zone in Norway) installed. Closure of the main lid must be possible without the use of a key. The mailbox should have a letter opening that has a thickness of 3–3.5 cm and a width of about 25 cm so that letters etc can also be delivered without opening the mailbox system.

Examples of different types of mailbox systems

Mailbox system that open as cabinets with doors that open to deliver the mail in shelves

mailbox facilities cabinet

The cabinet should be so deep that it is possible to put the consignments  directly into the mailbox/shelves in the longitudinal direction, without turning newspapers, magazines to fit. There must be clear labelling of each mailbox so that it is easy to see the name tag both when the facility is open and locked.

Mailbox systems that open by unfolding the entire front page

mailbox facilities

Mailbox systems where unlocking sections in different numbers of boxes at the same time and delivery are made by the mailman accessing the boxes from the top of each. It is important that the door which the receiver unlocks is large enough to get out a standard size (A4) shipments. 

Mailbox systems that open by folding out only the upper part of the front

mailbox facilities top feeded

Mailbox systems where the opening for disposal is approximately ¼ part of the box height. It is recommended to unlock multiple boxes at the same time. A challenge at these facilities is often that they are not deep enough and hence difficult to deliver larger shipments because they bump into the back of the plant.