Norgespakke™ Cash on Delivery

Package that the recipient are paying for

You can send packages that the recipient will pay for on delivery using Norgespakke™ with COD. The amount is in your account up to five business days after payment.

This can be purchased at Posten, but it is cheaper to prepay online or in the tracking app. Remember to check for COD.

New prices from July 1st 2023 for Norgespakke™ COD

Weight up toPrice at posten.noPrice at Posten
10 kg224.–287.–
25 kg324.–397.–
35 kg394.–477.–
Handling fee apply to parcels without outer wrapping176.–176.–
Handling fee for parcels in roll shape176.–176.–
Handling fee for parcels where one side exceeds 120 cm, width over 60 cm and/or height over 60 cm Parcels cannot be longer than 240 cm and length + circumference 360 cm176.–176.–
Surcharge to/from Svalbard311.–311.–
Change or delete cash on delivery amount---229.–
Stop demand, revoke, change
address. New postage is additional.
Redirect parcel---100.–