11 June 2021: Domesticated Animals

Stamp artist Cecilie Sørgård uses the internet extensively when looking for inspiration for her drawings.

"If I'm going to draw a cat, for example, I'll study different breeds and learn about their mimicry and behaviour in different situations. It sometimes takes a long time to achieve the expression that I want – and I make a lot of changes as I go along. Other times, the ideas come immediately. Obviously, it helps if I'm already familiar with the animal. 

NK 2055

Many people hold a very special place in their hearts for animals", Sørgård believes. 

"My background as a photographer has given me considerable experience in looking for engaging expressions in animals and, very importantly, good light. I've been using the camera as a tool for as long as I can remember and that comes in handy now." 

An example of this is Sørgård's drawing of Molly the calf, which appears on a stamp and is based on her photo of a calf taken on the Norwegian island of Linesøya in Åfjord. 

NK 2056

"I'm constantly out and about looking for animals, and I met Molly when I was staying at a cottage. She was grazing in the field nearby. 
Every now and then I'll phone farmers and other people to ask if I can meet their animals and take photos of them. It's the same if I see a dog or cat that I think has an appealing expression. But I stick to pictures and online videos, of course, if I'm going to draw a lion."

"The animals you draw are often happy!"

"I want people to feel happy when they see my drawings. What's more, I believe that all animals can actually smile. At least they look like they're smiling. And there's no doubt that pictures of happy animals go straight to the heart of most of us."


  • 11.06.2021
  • NK 2055-56
  • Motifs: Piglet and calf
  • Design: Cecilie Sørgård
  • Denomination: NOK 27 (Europa 20 g) x 2
  • Issued as: Booklet of 10 stamps
  • Print: Offset from Joh. Enschedé Security Print, The Netherlands